IE Global Village Day: A Taste of Diversity 


The Global Village Day is the embrace of the international scene at IE. It is a day full of free food & drinks and hanging out underneath the beaming sun on the Segovian grass. Some may even say that is the perfect excuse to skip class.

Students from different backgrounds gathered to stand behind a nicely decorated table with samples of treats, trinkets and other interesting things originating from their countries. Sweden, Jordan, Palestine, Kenya, China, Italy, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Romania, Peru and Greece were just some of the countries who visited the IE campus. The vibrant atmosphere served as a reminder of the richness and diversity of the global community.

Our first stop was Jordan and Palestine where the warm chicken shawarmas were neatly organised on a tray in between the grapevine leaves and the lahme bi 3ajin. The stand brought out sentiments of excitement about returning back home to Amman. The next stop was China who had an impeccably decorated stand covered in a variety of homemade dumplings like shrimp, pork, vegetables, and chicken with vegetables.

Next to China was Brazil where the pão de queijo (cheese with bread) was the star of the show. For dessert, we travelled to Sweden for some cinnamon rolls from Ikea. Finally, to stay hydrated, the Domincans were offering President beer. Who doesn’t want to have free beer refills before a finance class? Isn’t that how the finance bros do it? Some honourable mentions include the fried cheese at the Dominican stand and the focaccia bread in Italy. 

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Apart from the delicious food, there was a vibrant atmosphere thanks to the combination of the sound of laughter of students and the sound of music. For instance, Brazilians shared some funk on their speakers and the Dominicans blasting their own traditional rhythms. Meanwhile, the football field was covered with lively IE students singing and dancing to “Danza Kuduro” and “Tití me preguntó.”

As the end of the term approaches, IE students are taking advantage of every moment of fun and every ray of sunshine. Therefore, this year’s Global Village Day meant a little more to the second year students who must part ways with the charming little town of Segovia by the end of May. While most events happen in the Madrid tower, this event is unique to the Segovia campus, and understandably so.

The sun gleaming over the grass spaces on campus combined with the spacious area outside the cafeteria make this the perfect location for the Global Village Day. However, the invitation is always extended to students in Madrid, so this is not necessarily where the two campuses part ways; The fun is enough for all to share!

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