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Want an Internship? Learn What Laws and Regulations Affect You

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Iona Steger As an IE student, you most likely have an interest to intern...

A Shift in International Student Mobility: Understanding the Choice of Europe.

Since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of international students traveling abroad for university has increased. Traditionally, the U.S. has been the number one destination for these students, but Europe is vying for this spot now. By interviewing IE students, The Stork explores students' reason for choosing Europe over the U.S.

Tips and Tricks for an Affordable Weekend Trip 

The world is at our fingertips, but who is going to tell our wallets?

Viva España, pero ¿quién es España?

El 12 de octubre fue el Día de la Hispanidad, un día al que los madrileños le tienen especial afecto. ¿Por qué deberíamos celebrar este día?

Dorm Decor: 101 To Making Your Space Feel Homey

A well-decorated, comfortable room can boost your academic success and well-being. Here is how to do it!

Are students truly taking CV-building too far?

Over the past few years, individual achievement has become a top priority for students, but do employers think the same way?

Welcome First Year Students: a Guide to IE Segovia

Getting started with university in a new city may feel overwhelming, but no need to stress!

Working in Spain as an International Student

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. College is undoubtedly expensive. With payments ranging from necessities like tuition, food and rent...

Principles or Pretenses: The Free Speech Question

Should speech be ‘free’ in all contexts? What constitutes acceptable speech, and how should society respond to hateful speech or to harmful ideas?

Nepal: A transforming journey

During those 11 days, 25 students from Madrid and Segovia were immersed in an incomparable universe. The trip started in the capital of Nepal,...


Turkey’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict

This article will focus on Turkey's foreign policy actions in the context of the Middle Eastern crisis, given its role as a significant regional player with a demonstrated ability to mediate other regional conflicts.

Unwrapping the Magic of Latin American Christmas Celebrations

Grab your cafecito and come along to learn about the holiday experience in Latin America

FOMO: A University Student’s Biggest Enemy

There’s a phenomenon that tends to be common among university students, a phenomenon that for some has never been a problem, and for others can be confusing and frustrating. I'm talking about FOMO.