The Global Village is Coming to Segovia!


IE University’s motto is curiously simple: “Driving Innovation”. It may seem intuitive to presume that the research, talent, and excellence that one can extract from the current students and alumni comes from the cultivated educational opportunities, expert professors, and top-tier facilities the institution offers. However, IE’s secret to innovation is different; it’s global citizenship. 

Whether it be through group projects, class debates, or club events, students are always exposed to the diversity and internationality of the community. At first it can be a cultural shock, but there is no way to take advantage of the IE’s dynamic environment without leaving the comfort of familiarity. The mix of ideological foundations that permeate IE’s environment are both a challenge and an opportunity to question preconditioned beliefs and stereotypes. The new perspectives students inherit from their classmates induce creativity and problem-solving, teaching them to appreciate distinct views. 

Though students might already spend a majority of their day meeting new people and forming friendships across language barriers, the global citizenship IE strives for necessitates a deeper understanding of the backgrounds that come together to form its basis. 

Next Thursday, April 27th, the Segovian campus will transform into a hub of exploration as booths decorated in traditional ornaments line the Sports Facilities area and transport community members over the borders of 40 different countries. Students that attend can expect to sample national foods, learn about the geographical, political, and social landscape of each country, and have fun while absorbing the cultural pride each booth exhibits. 


Although an annual celebration, this year’s Global Village will be a pilot program. Normally held over the summer, the experience unintentionally excluded the undergraduate students who had already left for the summer break. Instead, Campus Life has decided to hold two editions: one on Segovia’s campus this month and one in the Maria de Molina campus in Madrid on the original date (June 8th). The entire IE community is invited to enjoy, participate in, and experience the Global Village. Plus, the Segovia edition will be free this year!

Another particularity of the Segovian event is its acceptance of a broader range of booth organizers. Previously, the fair would only accept participation from official clubs of IE. That being said, most of the cultural clubs are based in Madrid. As to not limit the day to the few clubs on the historic campus, this edition has been opened to all students, regardless if they are part of any club. 

These organizers plan to showcase the multidimensionality of their countries through food, history, and art. A main stage set up inside the Sports Facilities will allow countries to perform poetry, music, and traditional dances, including the Merengue!

The festivities the Global Village extends to its guests are not to be missed! Doors open on April 27th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. More information regarding transportation for Madrid students will be shared shortly. In the meantime, register here to attend the event!

Gabriela Georgieva
Gabriela Georgieva
Editor for the news section and second-year LLB student. Interested in writing about social justice issues, particularly in the fields of sustainability and the environment.

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