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School Spirit: Do IE Students Have Any?

By Andrea Luchangco What is school spirit? While the exact definition of school spirit may differ, at its core, it is a sense of pride...

Welcome First Year Students: a Guide to IE Segovia

Getting started with university in a new city may feel overwhelming, but no need to stress!

A Fresh Start: September Events at IE Segovia

Here are some of the most exciting events occurring in Segovia to welcome new and returning students this year

The 2023 IE Community Awards

On July 4th, a small group of students, family, and administrators headed up to the IE Club terrace on the 24th Floor of the...

The Mitchell L. McLean Trial Competition Finale: An Insight into the Legal World

Based on the US legal system, this mock trial is the first of its kind in Spain, where practical experiences for Law students had formerly mimicked appellate trials in moot court simulations.

IE’s Ghost Town: Why Students Abandon Events

So it is not for lack of trying or that events are not student-centered - they are. It’s that students just don't see the value in attending. But why is that?

Carlos Sainz en IE University: “Why not?”

El día 17 de abril, la IE Tower estaba lista para una conversación fuera de lo habitual: Carlos Sainz, hablando sobre ganar y perder, el deporte y la vida.

The Global Village is Coming to Segovia!

Next Thursday, April 27th, the Segovian campus will transform into a hub of exploration as booths decorated in traditional ornaments transport community members over the borders of 40 different countries.

Bella Vita on Campus: Inside the Italian Society at IE University

Love their food? Their language? Their state of mind? Be sure to partake in the Italian culture at IE University through the Italian Society!


South Africa v Israel: The Effectiveness of the ICJ

By Adam Paska Countries tend to translate all international conflicts or disputes into legal language to better justify their actions before the international community. There...

Algo así como ser invencibles 

Me encuentro reflexionando sobre lo que es ser invencible o inmortal en el sentido más humano.

Waiting for The Wind of Change: Democracy in the Digital Age 

If you belong to Generation Z or a younger demographic, chances are you have been profoundly impacted by the forces of globalization and digitalization. This means your life has likely been characterized by mobility, multiculturalism, and you have gained a broadened perspective about the world.