FitClub Collective – How an IE Club became a business


In an interview with The Stork, a 3rd year (now 4th) communications student, Camila Monguzzi, unveiled the Fitclub Collective, and all the benefits it provides to the students following the FitClub lifestyle approach.

During last year’s spring, Camila and her partner, Laura Rushton, had founded a collective, attracting ten of motivated students who wished to follow their energetic classes and healthy lifestyles. We were curious to know who was behind this project and inquired about how she strived to become an entrepreneur with a great vision and a considerable ambition.

In the following Q&A, Camila discusses the method used to accomplish this and how The Fitclub Collective went from a project inside IE to a real business.

Could you tell us about your current project Fitclub Collective (FCC)?

Fitclub is a unique venture. It is a curated offering available to university students seeking to reach their fitness and health goals. We work under three pillars: Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation. In the fitness domain, we combine both indoor and outdoor workouts throughout the year using our own methodology created exclusively for Fitclub. In the nutrition sphere, we have associated FitClub with healthy restaurants such as Roots LaMarca, Fitfood, Aloha Poke and many others. We also have contracted a professional nutritionist that will guide our members to maintain a healthy and clean diet. Lastly, we believe in forming alliances with like-minded businesses such as Handmade Beauty, which is an organic cosmetic brand. We develop these relationships as part of our wholistic service and experience. In terms of motivation, we make sure our members stay engaged by constantly keeping them on their feet. We hold healthy brunches, workshops, support groups and reward programs.

How can people participate?

You just need to contact us via our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin) and really soon, through our official website at

Do you consider FCC a lifestyle project?

Of course, FCC is lifestyle. We create a special calendar for every Fitclub collective season. Our calendar not only includes our workout sessions, but networking events, brunches, workshops and more. Our concept is to build a community that integrates FCC as part of their lifestyle. FCC is your companion, your support group, the one that helps you accomplish your goals and stay committed.

What is your goal for the next year?

Continue growing and expanding. We have plans of participating in the Wanderlust Health festival in Madrid this October. In addition, we are planning to move to a bigger space in order to increase the number of members and launch our first capsule collection with a European sport brand.  Our goal is that by 2020, we have our own space and our tri-dimensional concept of fitness, nutrition, and motivation all in one.

Does the university provide you with any assistance?

Not really.  At the beginning, I created the Fitness Club as part of Campus Life, but due to the success and demand for our program, we decided to establish our business as a private company. The university is helping me formalize the legal requirements to become a “Sociedad Limitada”

How do other students react to your project?

The reaction has been insane! I never thought this project would grow so fast. I am really happy our members enjoy our classes and our integral concept. I think it was a gap they were looking to fill up. Plus, a companion that motivates you to stay healthy and a support group to meet people like you.

What is the next step?

  1. Finalize the Fitplan40 (a 40-day transformation plan)
  2. Finalize the process of registering our brand
  3. Launch our official webpage
  4. Organization and planning of FCC 2019 Season 4
  5. Capsule collection design

What have you learned already from this project?

I have learned so much! When its your own project – you never sleep, you are constantly thinking about details, emails, what’s next; always brainstorming. I have learned that no business is lineal or static, there are ups and downs, and we have to learn from every experience. Every day is an adventure, and it’s all about taking risks and giving everything, you can to make it work. The key is to always be transparent and consistent in every move.

We heard you’re also an influencer, could tell us about it?

I have always loved the artistic world. When I was little I was a musical theatre actress in Peru, I did radio locution and even released my own song. Because of this, and the content I like to share, I opened my Instagram account and made it public, so I could motivate and inspire people like me, that have many passions and don’t know where to start. I hope I am helping someone or at least entertaining!

What is your ultimate professional dream?

My ultimate dream will always be to be happy and transmit this happiness to others. FitClub Collective is only one branch of my tree. I will of course consolidate it in the Spanish market and I have plans to make it a franchise all over the world in top universities, having ambassadors, retreats and forming a global community. Aside of FCC, I want to pursue my artistic dreams. I would love to reconnect with the theatre and musical life I had. This will also be a branch of what Camila is, a multidisciplinary concept, as I am a multi-tasker and our generation have many talents and passions. I think each one has their time, and we can build our own personal concept one step at a time. Let’s be unique and stand out from the crowd!

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