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Hot news: one of IE University’s food spaces recently, The Cave, has become the buzz of the Segovia campus. A new Starbucks coffee machine has been installed. 

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Image courtesy of Felipe Cosmen López

The Machine

The new Starbucks coffee machine boasts a range of features. These range from the strength and roast of the coffee to the amount of milk and flavored syrups added. It has a touchscreen interface allows users to choose any of their favorite combinations and customize factors. 

Installing this new coffee machine has had a significant impact on campus. Previously, students and staff had to wait a long to get their coffees in the cafeteria or The Cave. 

Why? Because it was the same line. Students and staff had to wait at the cafeteria or The Cave to buy all food and beverages.

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Image courtesy of Serrano Suñer Arquitectura

With the new machine, students can get their favorite Starbucks drinks on campus easily, quickly, and on the go!

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Image courtesy of Felipe Cosmen López

Issues risen

The new Starbucks coffee machine has undoubtedly been a great addition to the Segovia campus. But, a few issues have arisen since its installation. 

IE University is a modern and tech-savvy campus, and many students rely on mobile and card payments. One of the most significant inconveniences for students is that the machine only accepts payment in coins. That was until Apple Pay, and card payment was fixed. This has been a significant issue for many students who do not carry cash on them regularly.

There have been some efforts to address this issue, such as installing a coin exchange machine nearby, but it has still been a hassle for students to go out of their way. Some asked friends for coins or borrowed them from the cafeteria staff.

In contrast to the IE tower…

In the Madrid IE tower, there are a ton of options available when it comes to cafes and restaurants. These range from fast food to healthy choices, from the cheapest to the more fancy foods.

You will find burger spots, salad bars, and food from many different cultures, including Lebanese, Italian, Brazilian, and Japanese.

Click here to find the complete list of restaurants and cafes in the Caleido shopping area next to the IE tower.

While these options might seem overwhelming sometimes, having all these options is a luxury that the Segovia students don’t have. 

Back to Segovia’s local coffee spots

Meanwhile, Segovia’s charm and unique character make it a special place, but it can also pose some challenges for students, especially when finding modern conveniences like a Starbucks coffee shop.

In our city, coffee shops are often small. Having a Starbucks coffee machine on campus significantly benefits students who crave the convenience and quality of a global brand. It allows us to enjoy a taste of home or indulge in our favorite drinks. We do not have to leave the city or settle for subpar coffee.

However, as limited as our options in Segovia may be, the main cafeteria and The Cave are student gathering places. It’s a spot where students can relax, catch up with friends, and feel connected to the broader IE University community. This creates a sense of community that can take a lot of work to come by in a big city like Madrid.

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Image courtesy of Career Guide

In this context, the Starbucks coffee machine in The Cave has become more than just a place to get coffee. It symbolizes modernity and global connectivity in a city that often feels stuck in the past. 

The machine has positively impacted campus life by bringing a piece of the outside world to Segovia. Students feel more connected to the world around them, enhancing their overall university experience.

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