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Caffeinating the Segovia Campus

New Starbucks coffee machine at the Segovia campus! But, it has posed some issues for payment and in contrast to the Madrid campus' options.


“Dispararon al pianista” en el Hay Festival de Segovia

Trueba y Mariscal hablan de "Dispararon al pianista" con Pepa Blanes en el Hay Festival de Segovia.

Should We Treat Ageing Like a Disease?

Ageing has been considered a natural and inevitable process for most of human history. However, the idea of redefining it as a disease has gained traction in recent years.

Our Time to Reverse Climate Change has Lapsed

Climate change is here, and there is no longer any way that we can reverse its effects. Not necessarily because it would be physically impossible, but because the people most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions are too focused on profit to stop polluting.