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Although it is a small city, when I first got to Segovia it sure looked daunting. With so many places to go to, how could I know which were good? Now that the days are getting colder, we at The Stork didn’t want you out and about exploring, so we did it for you. And how could we not? We believe there’s nothing better than escaping the cold by warming up in a cozy café with your besties. Hot chocolate, warm pastries, everything you can think of and more. Looking for inspiration or a new place to go to? We have got you covered, here are our top three cafés with a view in Segovia.

winter chocolate

Limón y Menta 

Location: C. Isabel la Católica, 2

Although it may look small on the outside, once you walk through the doors of Limón y Menta you will find a long pathway of goods to choose from. These include everyone’s favorite, the classic “Ponche Segoviano”. This is the perfect place to order a hot drink, your favorite pastry on the side and deep dive into your studies or that book you have been so keen on reading. 

la colonial 1

Limón y Menta is the perfect spot for this as it is well located: right off Plaza Mayor, it offers views of the provincial Segovia, offering a calm atmosphere of peace and quiet throughout the whole day.

La Colonial

Location: Av. Acueducto, 19

picture courtesy of Manuel Perez on Google 1

Near the aqueduct, this spot is a bit bigger (much bigger) than its fellow cafés. Its location has the added benefit of the views it entails. May you choose to sit outside to enjoy an icy-cold beverage in the summer months, or a thick and creamy hot chocolate (my personal favorite) during the winter season, both times are perfect for bonding as well as leisure time with friends. They have two floors, where tables of four are big and comfortable to work on. The café is quite popular and can tend to get full around busy hours, so don’t be surprised if it stops being quiet after siesta time!

la colonial 2 1

Yum Baaar

Location: Pl. de los espejos, 3

Were these places too “been there, done that” for you? Well, sit tight, because this one right here is a gem you were certainly not expecting. Yum Baaar is a small café with a loud and bright personality. Its chic style is transmitted through its up-to-date trends in the world of food, design, and overall feel. They claim to have the best kombucha you will ever try -as a kombucha connoisseur my standards were high, however you will be pleased to know these were gracefully met- and a wide array of nutritious treats to choose from.

Yum Baar Instagram
Picture courtesy of Yum Baaar

At Yum Baaar you can tell they really put effort into their clients’ needs and overall wellbeing, as they are constantly updating their menu and include daily specials. These are updated and changed “however the chef wakes up feeling like that morning”. Additionally, they have a “create your own bowl” option, which, depending on your hunger levels you can choose from the three different sizes. This service goes on from 13:00-16:00. Overall, this is a health-conscious, nutritious café hidden within the old quarters of Segovia. Did I mention it’s vegan?

Picture courtesy of Yum Baaar
Picture courtesy of Yum Baaar

These have to be the three best cafés in Segovia. We hope you get the chance to try them out – either for an afternoon of focused studies, cracking jokes with your friends or for completing your search of the best made Ponche Segoviano in all of the land. Make sure to tag us on instagram at @ieustork if you do, we look forward to hearing your opinions!

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