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As winter becomes stronger and temperatures drop it starts to become the time for cozy blankets and finding comfort near our radiators. Yet life continues to run outdoors, and sooner or later we all have to face the cold, fashion being as important as it was over the summer: winter is the time when scarves, creative layering, boots, and jackets are all becoming part of our daily life. What’s better than to embrace the cold with a great sense of fashion?

For everyone, the ultimate solution for the cold seems to be these three staples: gloves, beanies, and scarves. However, after looking over hundreds of showroom pictures of “Ready-To-Wear” Winter Collections of famous brands, we gathered up a list and decided to share our list and tips for winter fashion. 

Embrace turtlenecks

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For all genders turtlenecks are the best solution, since they have a natural appeal and can help you achieve a put-together look. For that extra level of protection from the cold, you can always pair it with a scarf!

Invest in touchscreen gloves

Do you also get annoyed when you need to use your phone while protecting your hands from the cold? Touchscreen gloves are the way to go. Try these wool-cashmere from Polo or these from Moshi! 

gloves polo
Picture courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren

Layer your sweaters

You can always layer your favorite winter sweater by wearing a shirt or blouse underneath, paired with some jewelry. This way you’ll be both fashionable and very much safe from the cold.

nordstrom sweater
Picture courtesy of Nordstrom

Change up the fabrics

While summer is great for linen and silk, throughout the winter it’s important to go with heavier fabrics such as wool, cashmere, and fleece. 

Picture courtesy of Patra Selections
Picture courtesy of Patra Selections

Make sure your clothing is waterproof

As you already know, we can expect lots of rain and snow in Segovia around these days, so it’s important to invest in some waterproof clothing, especially jackets and boots. 

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Picture courtesy of Oysho

Shopping in Segovia

We at the Stork are aware that in a small town like Segovia it’s not always easy to shop and find the items you need to keep warm. Here you’ll find 5 stores you can easily shop in without having to wait for your packages to arrive!

1) Bershka 

 C. Cervantes, 16

Even though it doesn’t have a male section, the two-floor shop has proven to be the most popular shop for female fast fashion in Segovia. We especially recommend it for night-out clothes, jeans, and tops. Bershka is located near the Aqueduct. It’s also important to note that you can receive free delivery from Bershka online if you pick the option to pick it up from the store.

bershka facade
Picture courtesy of Bershka

2) Pull & Bear

C. Juan Bravo, 7

One of the shops that offer a male collection, located near plaza. Pull & Bear is yet another fast fashion shop where you can find your day-to-day wear. Just like Bershka, you can also use free delivery on their online store to be able to pick it up from the store.

pull and bear
Picture courtesy of Pull & Bear

3) Mango

C. Gobernador Fernández Jiménez, 3

Mango currently only has a female collection, on the other hand, they prove to be worthy to take a look for winter coats and much more business casual looks. 

mango fachada
Picture courtesy of Mango

4) Springfield

C. Juan Bravo, 1

Springfield offers a male collection, it’s near the plaza and Pull & Bear, it could be a good choice for a sweater, jackets, and footwear.

Picture courtesy of Retail Design Blog
Picture courtesy of Retail Design Blog

5) Decathlon

C. Juan Bravo, 14

The sporting goods store is a good choice for those who like to stay active over the winter season. You can find hiking boots that are suitable for snow, thermal clothing as well as leggings.

Picture courtesy of Decathlon

Winter fashion doesn’t have to be plain and boring; use this time for layering, playing with textures, and investing in statement jackets. Make sure to treat the three staples (hats, gloves, and scarves) as accessories and embrace saying goodbye to our favorite linen and silk for a while.

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