TechIE: The Future of Our Community


Back for its second annual conference, TechIE aims to explore the future of technology and innovation. In an era of globalization, where innovation is advancing faster than ever before, an event characterized by the versatility of its topics is just what a student community needs.

The IE community encompasses great potential in formation, from its undergraduate to its masters programs, if exposed to the right information and environment, will thrive in a world riding a fourth industrial wave. Self- driving cars, virtual reality, smart assistants and 5G are vivid examples of our new technological reality. People and businesses must find new ways to understand how these emerging forces work and communicate with each other.

Since the start of this century, the way we interact with life itself has drastically changed. For instance, communication has never been easier, allowing knowledge to proliferate faster and further away, inspiring many to keep developing and improving their productivity per individual. As humans, social creatures, we strive as a community through collective knowledge, we learn and teach, allowing for each generation passing to promptly solve everyday problems and focus on dealing with more intricate issues as we go.

Understanding what our community needs, student clubs united forces to organize the Tech IE conference. “Exploring the Future of Technology,” chosen theme, will not only delve deeper into the technologies of today but make predictions of what our future may feature. By bringing together expert speakers from leading tech companies into four panels, the conference provides a functional learning environment. The “Future of Work,” “Mobility,” “Retail and E-Commerce” and “Fintech + Insurance” represent key cornerstones in our developing market. This is why TechIE aims to address these topics in a day of panel discussions, workshops, and keynotes. It is important for our community to involve itself in events where exponential learning is fomented by close exposure to growing industries.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, BCG and many more are the example of how, through technology, we are able to innovate and keep expanding our vision to reach different places, people, and a worldwide impact. Daring to do things differently is what allowed these companies to rise exponentially. TechIE strives to pick up from the success of the enterprises that greatly influenced our society and create a space where this success can be discussed, analyzed and spread amongst the next generation in charge of pursuing growth.

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