A Perfect “You” Night


As of this weekend most of us are completely done with our finals, and ready to move on for the holidays as well as decreasing our stress levels. Exam season can be draining and overwhelming, however the best way to rejuvenate is a lovely one-on-one time with yourself.

We believe the right “you” night has to match your interests and the hobbies that make you feel energized; nonetheless, we compiled a list of general ideas to help you take your date with yourself to the next level.

  1. Snacks & Beverages

Choosing your snacks begins with gathering a good variety of flavors, both sweet and savory options. Pair it with your favorite beverage, whether it’s a hot cup of camomile tea or a glass of wine.

snack board
  1. Netflix 

Netflix might be the most obvious choice but that’s for a good reason: you can always get lost in the variety of TV shows and movies the streaming platform has to offer. If you’re feeling homey, you can always go back to your comfort shows, or try something new for the first time. We recommend laughing along to “The Office” or binge-watching Ted Mosby telling his kids “How I Met Your Mother”. 

netflix you night
  1. Journaling and letter-writing

The most beautiful thing about “you nights” could be self-reflection and showing much-needed love for yourself. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. If you want to make it even more special you can always use the webpage FutureMe and schedule a letter to be sent to yourself via email. You can ask your future self questions and in the future remember your past life and how far you have come.

  1. Painting & Wine

Many of you might know the popular Sip & Paint located in Madrid. The idea is to grab a piece of canvas or heavyweight paper, some brushes, paint, and of course a good glass of wine. Then, all you have to do is enjoy your time painting. It is such an easy concept that you can enjoy it in your own comfort right here in Segovia!. You can grab the materials from Artes Graficas or even Flying Tiger. If you are a beginner we recommend looking at some prompts to get you started.

sip and paint
  1.  Baking & Cooking

For some of us, there is nothing more calming and fun than some alone time in the kitchen, so for that perfect “you night”, try out a recipe you have never tried before! We advise you though, don’t expect everything to go according to the book and welcome messiness and imperfections. 

  1. Pampering Yourself

As the final exam period was quite hectic, we might have lost touch with our always needed self-care. Therefore, take these days as a great time to grab some face masks, a nail art kit and enjoy pampering yourself for the night. If you are feeling more adventurous this might even be your sign to change your hair color… 

  1. Go Around Town: Alone

There is no reason not to go to a small coffee shop or a bar by yourself if you like being out to energize yourself. You can always grab a small notebook and write out your surroundings, or your recent thoughts. If you are not into writing, grabbing a book with you will also be a good option. Explore the town you had known with your friends, but alone this time.

  1. Get Back Into Your Hobbies

If finals season meant you had to take a break from the hobbies and activities that bring you joy, the “you-night” is the time to get back into them. Whether it is playing an instrument, puzzle making, or working out. Take the opportunity to enjoy them again.

reading younight
  1. Blankets & Comfort

Lastly, do not forget cozy blankets and fuzzy socks! A perfect pro of you-night is that you get to be comfortable. Everything will become more enjoyable once you have your favorite comfortable clothes and blanket on.

The core concept of a “you-night” is to embrace quality alone time, especially after an overwhelming week, in order to re-energize, rest and destress.  Try out our tips and activities for that perfect “you night” and it might just become your new favorite plan. 

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