2020 blurred our conception of reality; everything we conceived as certain and undisputable was challenged by major forces. We did get used to it. However, we did not see it coming and it took much of what we treasured with it. 2020 defied our hope and tested our resilience. 

2021 on the other hand, although disguised by extreme uncertainty, seemed like a tempting opportunity for a fresh start. 

Our calendars are an excuse to refresh our mindset, question our accomplishments, and establish new goals; they are an absolute social construct. A very useful and powerful one.  Natural -and unexpected- phenomenons do not adapt to our calendars; Nevertheless, we manage to continuously assign timings and design measurable expectations for our future. We did not think COVID-19 would leave by the end of 2020, yet we still assumed that 2021 was a year with a better forecast. The point is, even though our future is uncertain, we still try to convince ourselves that the beginning of a new day, week, or year will allow us to move on. If we have such power to invoke hope and love in our lives, we better learn to maximize their power. 

Looking back at this year we will recall accomplishments, disappointments, and obstacles we found on the way. No year has been perfect, and no year will be. 2021 has been a rough hike, however, we can decide whether to admire the strength that drove us to the top, or we can complain about all the bumps along the way. When picturing the year ahead -and writing our resolutions-, we must be grateful about the path we have covered, so that the journey ahead will always be exciting.   

Worrying will not fix tomorrow’s problems, it will just make today’s peace go away. At this time of the year it is common to find ourselves overwhelmed about time, whether its a haunted past or uncertain future. Instead of worrying about what you lost, or what you desire to gain, think about what you have now. Picture the faces of everyone who has held your hand at one point this past year, and those who make this Christmas season be merry. Be grateful for the love in your life: that is the main and most powerful source of happiness. Be grateful for who you are today; do not waste time wishing to become someone else. Look back and see your strength, your accomplishments, and all the love around you. 

Often we find ourselves if we live in a constant fight against our reality, which will never make us feel satisfied. We wish for the obstacles to vanish from our path, when we could instead wish for the strength to overcome them. Happiness does not rely on how smooth our path is, but rather on how we decide to face the rough parts of it. The size of the mountain will only determine how accomplished we feel. When fantasizing about 2022, remember: it is better to wish for strength than to hope for circumstances to change. Let’s wish for a year in which we prove ourselves all of what we are capable of. 

Complicated times have taught us that we possess the ability to recognize the triggers and mechanisms that make us feel hopeful.There are moments in which we simply choose to let go of our willpower and embrace a blue day, but there are others in which we decide to collect all of our strength to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Ideally, we should invoke these mechanisms when feeling our weakest selves. Calendars are our reminders to do so. The beginning of a new year reminds us to embrace our blessings, seize the opportunities, and adjust the direction of our path. 

Although uncertainty might be an unwelcome guest in most of our lives, it will likely go nowhere in the near future. Uncertainty is here to stay, and we must learn how to surf it. We need goals to pursue and plans to guide us; but keeping always in mind that paths shift. Sometimes, when things do not go as planned, the outcome is better than what we originally expected. 

When writing these NYs resolutions, first remember the unexpected gifts you received throughout this year, applaud yourself for all of what you proved capable of during the last twelve months, and all the people who were there to hold your hand along the way. That is the right mindset when it comes to addressing the future. Now, wish to keep the strength you gained -and acquire even more-; wish to be able to give back the love you received; and lastly embrace your determination to achieve your goals, and for the ease to adjust the wheel when necessary. 


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