1st Brainfood Madrid: A conversation with Jorge Poyatos, co-founder of Seedtag


Following in the footsteps of the original event hosted by LAB Miami, Ricardo Mesquita, Head of Immersive Learning at IE Exponential Learning had a hands-on discussion with the entrepreneur Jorge Poyatos, co-founder of Seedtag. IE Paper Pavillon hit a full house with 50 participants, ranging from students, alumni from IE and out to a Seedtag investor and IE Business professors. 

The guest Jorge Poyatos, co-founder of Seedtag a business specialized in in-image advertising gave his insights on the opportunities and challenges of launching and growing a business. The gathering was led by Ricardo Mesquita’s questions and followed up with the public with a networking cocktail. It was hosted by Endeavour Spain and IE Exponential Learning at the IE Paper Pavillion at 18.30. 

To date, Seedtag is operating in seven markets from Europe and Latin America, has 110 people and is worth 30 million dollars. According to Poyatos this year has been the first, profitable one for Seedtag. Poyatos considers new market expansions and acquisitions for the future and currently works on his fundraising to accelerate the company for global expansion which already reaches 5 million dollars. 

Jorge Poyatos agreed with Ricardo Mesquita on how being an entrepreneur is based on commitment, networking and having the right people. 

“It’s an economical choice. It is impossible to create a network in a 9:00-5:00pm job and nothing is more rewarding than being in control of something you own and create,” said Jorge Poyatos. 

Poyatos gave a personal recommendation for future entrepreneurs. 

“Your mind is going to be absorbed with the company… You need to get away and go back to your family, sports, love. For me meditation is fundamental and I highly recommend it. You need your inner peace,” said Poyatos. 

When deciding when was the right time to move from an idea written on a napkin to make a reality, Poyatos thought it was best to build your career and have some corporate experience. Yet, at one point the risks are necessary because you have nothing to lose, claims the co-founder. 

“If we didn’t take the risk to quit google to do this then investors wouldn’t have invested in us. You have to take the risks just like they do. It is a full-time job you either take it or drop it.” 

Mesquita showed interest in how Poyatos attracts and retains talent. He emphasized Seedtag’s organizational culture and asked about the profiles needed to work there.  

“You need to know what you want to hire. Define the profile and then identify the guys,” says Poyato. 

“Our average employee is 28 but it varies depending on the department. For us, skills are most important than experience.” 

Poyatos insisted on how entrepreneurship is a process and dependable on making the right decisions with the right people. Emphasizing how risk-taking is an informed decision.

You have to go through brainstorm sessions, analyzing business opportunities, and the most important step is market sizing,” then 

“You have to change your mind from trying to be as more efficient to more effective as possible,” reflected Poyatos. 

After a comfortable atmosphere seen by laughs and informal conversation dynamics, people finalized the evening with a networking cocktail. 

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