What are your expectations by the time you leave Segovia?


Coming to Segovia is an experience like no other.

I’m a first-year Dual LLB-BIR (Law and International Relations), and I’ve been in Segovia for over a month and a half. I chose the Segovia campus for the charm of the city, and I wanted to get the two experiences – living in a small town, and a busy city.  I’m expected to leave for Madrid in September of 2024. 

Every day there is something to enjoy: incredible people, rich history, and a beautiful city. Segovia has it all. 

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However, all good things must come, eventually, to an end. This doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time, on the contrary –  I think Segovia can teach us all a lot. 

Therefore, here are a few of my expectations by the time I leave Segovia: 

If you know Segovia, you know the daily hikes up and down to campus. There is nothing more to say – there is A LOT of walking in Segovia. 

Unlike Madrid, public transport is not necessarily the most convenient way to get around. This being said, I’m already getting used to walking; the next step – make sure I don’t get tired of it. 

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Image courtesy of Christina Brusco

On a more serious note. By the time I leave Segovia, I expect to be a communication expert. Communication is a crucial feature of the Segovia experience – from group projects to finding your friends and classmates around the city (usually at night), you are always talking and meeting new people, whether it be locals or your peers and friends. 

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Image courtesy of Christina Brusco

It can feel a bit overwhelming thinking about the future, and if one has chosen the right degree. This is totally normal. Sometimes when course material gets difficult, one tends to wonder if they made the right choice or if they should have gone on a completely different path. But still, I hope that by the time I leave Segovia I will feel more confident in my choice of degree. 

Finally, by the time I leave Segovia, I hope to have learned to be alone. One of the beautiful parts of the Segovia experience is that you are surrounded by an incredible community – classmates and friends – that is willing to help you at any moment you need, whether it’s paperwork or a shoulder to cry on. 

Yet, a key lesson from university and adulting is learning to be alone: whether it’s going grocery shopping by yourself, running errands, or taking a stroll alone with your thoughts – it’s a milestone of growing up. This will be especially important in Madrid, where life appears to happen at a faster pace than quiet Segovia, and where one may not always be surrounded by their friends and close community. 

Segovia gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and experiment before the business and responsibilities that come with living in a big city like Madrid. We should take full advantage of this newfound freedom – and learn from all the mistakes and lessons life throws at us.

Although, for most of us, Segovia is just a phase of our studies, it can teach us and prepare us for our futures – after Madrid too. 

Christina Brusco
Christina Brusco
Editor of the Lifestyle Section in Segovia and second-year LLB-BIR student.

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