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By Caroline Gracia

The IE Photo Club has evolved from a forgotten club to one that has grown rapidly within the last semester. It is not the typical club, in the sense that it serves more than one purpose. It encompasses a wide variety of events, ranging from photo workshops and educational programs to one that celebrates the photography of its team members. The club has surely reached a wide variety of people, all from different degrees within the student body and even members of the staff. Its members share a growing interest in the different levels of photography and a passion for the outdoors, which enables a growing number of students to explore the community of Segovia through a different lens.

While the club was virtually inactive last year, it was revived in September of 2020 by none other than its club president, Teresa Olombrada Rodríguez, who was later on joined by her right hand, Martina Andreoli. Its leadership team has since taken a remarkable initiative that has enabled them to reach a wider audience within the IE Segovia community. Although its membership remains small in number, its spirit surpasses this, which is evident through their easily accessible photo workshops, events and their very active presence on Instagram, which continues to bring in new members and followers. Within the first semester, the IE Photo and Film Club was noted as one of the 15 clubs with the most activity.

Club events revolve around three axes: workshops, coverage of events, and contests. Perhaps one factor that has allowed the club to grow in such a short period of time is their involvement with other clubs at the Segovia campus, through its generous coverage of events that include the IE Music Club’s Movember Concert and the IE Football Tournament. The club surely takes advantage of the beautiful natural landscape of Castilla y León, as its workshops tend to combine elements of photography with those of the environment and sustainability. One of their multifaceted photo workshops was held at La Sierra de Guadarrama, where students had the opportunity to embark on a guided hike in the forest, learn more about environmental sustainability, and refine their skills of nature photography in the sun’s natural light.

While the club remains committed to introducing new members to the wonderful world of photography, it continues to attract the work of both current and non-members of the IE Segovia community, by prompting and inspiring them with monthly themed photo contests. These photo contests are relative to current events. Some themes from the first semester were social awareness and the action-packed and emotionally exhausting year of 2020. Student submissions will be on display and open to the public at an end-of-year exhibition.  

While the school year has been an irregular one and Covid-19 has surely hindered the extent to which students may become involved and aware of student-run happenings at IE, the Photo Club has surely overcome this obstacle and is very active on several different platforms, including their Instagram, website, and at the IE Creativity Center. The club will continue to successfully hold socially-conscious workshops, either at the Creativity Center or in the greater Segovia area. No prior experience is needed to get involved, and students without film cameras are welcome to join. If you are interested in joining, keep an eye out for Teresa or other team members with cameras at  IE events or at the IE Creativity Center. More about the club may also be found on the club’s Instagram, @ieu.photofilm.club, or on Campus Groups.

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