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Seasonal Selections: Three Books Perfect for Autumn

We bring you three recommendations for you to spend these cool Autumn days cuddled up with a good book.

“Navalny” Documentary: What Is Actually Behind Oscar’s Flashing Lights?

But back to the award ceremony and to the moment when the Oscar went to “Navalny”. To be completely honest, I watched that scene over 10 times and every time it almost brought tears to my eyes. 

Movies to Binge-Watch this Fall!

It’s starting to get colder outside; the wind grows fierce and sudden rain hits in the middle of the day, sometimes for hours or...

What Makes a Screen Adaptation Faithful?

George R.R Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, hates unfaithful adaptations. So does Neil Gaiman, whose work is among the most frequently adapted...

Love cinema and love Spain: watch decades of Spanish cinema

Sometimes, as IE University students, we leap over the essence of Spanish culture that envelops us; our (fortunately) international entourages deviate us from the...

Borat 2: A Funny Parody or a Not So Hidden Bias?

With the Borat sequel out on Amazon, Americans can celebrate elections with some more hyperrealism to feed their selective wokeness with. The racist, highly...

The IE Photo and Film Club | Club Profile

By Teresa Olombrado and Arturo Cuesta Presidents of the Photograph and Film Club (Segovia) The IE Photo and Film Club is part of the multitude...

Dudes and drugs: ‘The Gentlemen’ Review

“The Gentlemen” is a drug film packed with action, comedy and a star-studded cast of characters.  “The Gentlemen,” Guy Ritchie’s latest action-comedy, is a whirlwind...

How to tackle all the Studio Ghibli movies added to Netflix

Last month, Netflix announced the news that shook the world: 21 Studio Ghibli movies would make their way to the streaming platform starting February...

Top 10 Movies of 2019  

The end of the decade brought us one of the best in recent years for movies. With the Academy Awards coming up in just...


Unwrapping the Magic of Latin American Christmas Celebrations

Grab your cafecito and come along to learn about the holiday experience in Latin America

FOMO: A University Student’s Biggest Enemy

There’s a phenomenon that tends to be common among university students, a phenomenon that for some has never been a problem, and for others can be confusing and frustrating. I'm talking about FOMO.

Social Media: An empowering tool for attention-craving narcissists.

Narcissism is on the rise and digital media has become a powerful tool to empower an attention-fame-craving society.