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“The Post”: A rousing Cry for the truth

Some movies manage to meet their moment in history. This perception has really stuck with me after seeing Spielberg’s thrilling “The Post” – which...

A Tribute to Stan Lee

Los Angeles—On November 12th, Stan Lee—arguably the most influential comic-book creator—passed away at the age of 95 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles, California. In the past years, he had been affected by pneumonia and had vision problems, says the official statement issued by JC Lee, daughter of the writer.


IE Ukraine Club: Strengthening the IE Community

The IE Ukraine Club is a thriving community within IE University, driven by a shared passion for Ukrainian culture, history, and technology. Our mission is to create an inclusive space where both Ukrainian and international students can come together to explore, appreciate, and celebrate Ukraine through various engaging activities and events.

Should America sell its air to keep the world speaking English?

Will Mandarin soon take English’s place? Will we soon live in a Mandarin speaking world symbolic of China’s succesful economic triumph over the US? This is a reality that America avidly fights to prevent, but should we?

Should art be socially responsible?

Adding messages that most people find reprehensible may make viewing, reading or listening to a piece of art less entertaining. This could also reduce the money its creators make from it. Whatever the case, this view suggests that art should be socially responsible only insofar as this helps the artist achieve the aims for which the piece was created.