Why is Conditionality Good for International Aid and Development?

We live in a world where there are developed and developing countries. Usually, developed countries help developing countries. In the realm of international relations, aid and development assistance stand as distinct areas of study. They hold significant influence over the dynamics between nations and the global balance of power.

How Endorsing the Culture of the Aggressor Nation Normalizes Aggression

Culture is an important aspect in most, if not all, people’s lives. We live in a globalized world where the exchange of cultural experiences is simply unavoidable. Customs, traditions, and so on are necessary for every nation.

Who were the RAF?

The RAF organized 15 other terrorist attacks, and only in 1998 they announced their disbandment. Their struggle was doomed from the start; young and naive students were using violent tactics combined with ineffective strategies to change the system…

The Russian Orthodox Church Is the Kremlin’s Propaganda Tool

The ROC has always been a political tool of Russia. There are people in Ukraine who argue that banning their activities contradicts the principles of religious freedom. Personally, I think when the church becomes an instrument of political propaganda and clearly is an “enemy in your back”, it ceases to be a religious institution and becomes a political entity.

Will You Lose Your Job Because of AI?

To summarize, while AI and neural networks have the ability to automate and simplify numerous sectors, their impact on the workforce must be considered. While certain occupations may become obsolete, it is equally necessary to establish new opportunities in AI-related domains such as maintenance and development to guarantee that everyone benefits from technological breakthroughs.

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