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Focusing, not procrastinating, and being more efficient when doing your work depends on you. One big factor that can affect this is the environment you thrive in. It is almost a cliche, but it’s true: finding the right environment for studying can help you become more productive. Making studying more fun and rewarding yourself with new motivations might give you a greater incentive to get high quality work done. If you are like me and enjoy people watching, a coffee shop might be the perfect place to study. Not only are you entertaining yourself with the different characters around you, but feeling like you are being watched might actually help guilt you into doing your work. Also, treating yourself to a pastry or a fancy, caffeinated, and overpriced drink can make the workload a little less painful. Even the feeling of not being completely isolated might make the workload more humane. Coffee shops are also a great location to do group projects with classmates, so no one has the pressure of being a host, and everyone can focus on getting work done. Whether you need a place to study, a reason to get out of the house, or if you’re just looking to treat yourself to some good coffee and snacks, a coffee shop is the perfect escape. In the spirit of finding a place to get your school work done, here are some great coffee shops in Madrid to check out.  

Naji Specialty Coffee shop 

Famous for their Pistachio Coffee, Naji provides a minimalist and clean environment that is relaxing and perfect for focusing. Located in the neighborhood of Chamberí, this humble  coffee shop is very enthusiastic and all about the customer. The owner, who is from Iraq, is very hospitable and passionate about his shop. You can tell that every item is made with great care to satisfy the customer. This is the perfect location to make your way back downtown from the tower or to go with friends after class. If you are a latte lover, I would recommend the Pistachio Latte as it is the perfect treat to motivate yourself to get some work done. 

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Saint Marcos Coffee

This little coffee shop sits quietly in the heart of flamboyant Chueca. Its light colored walls, high ceilings and abundance of light makes it the perfect place to study and focus. The essence of this coffee shop is to create a tranquil environment that lets the customer slow their pace. This coffee shop is usually very quiet, making it the perfect place to work on individual assignments and spend an entire afternoon. The savory coffee and pastries complement the location by bringing the comfort of waking up to a relaxing Sunday morning. I would recommend the Cinnamon rolls, which melt as soon as you put them in your mouth. The coffee shop’s large windows give you a glance at the movement and everyday life of Madrid’s most artsy community. It is the perfect place to “people watch”, where you can be completely alone but never feel lonely.  

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Osom Specialty Coffee

This coffee shop has a very rustic and cool-toned aesthetic that corresponds with the simplicity of the coffee and the Pasties. The modern design of the coffee shop is very clean and makes it a great place for allowing your brain to not be overwhelmed.  There are great vegan options and snacks that are great for treating yourself to a delicious delicacy while you work. However, since the shop is a bit small and very popular with the locals of the neighborhood, be prepared to wait for a table. Since Osom is very busy and has a lot of movement, it might be a good place to work with a small group for a project, or if you are the type of person that can work with a lot of noise. This contemporary coffee shop is located in the Neighborhood of Justicia near the Alonso Martinez Metro stop, making it a very accessible location to meet with others.  

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Natif has an organic atmosphere with very natural decorations. The warm tones of the walls and the decorations allow you to escape the concrete and cubic aesthetic of the city. With great convenience, it is right next to Osom Specialty Coffee, and it is much more spacious so you can guarantee a table. It is also located in the Justica neighborhood, making it a very friendly place to walk to as  it is in an amazing location. Natif not only has great coffee and other hot drinks but it has a variety of delicious breakfast foods. Their menu takes traditional brunch items and adds elements that make the dishes surprise you with an unexpected flavor. This is the perfect place to work with a group of friends and to enjoy a filling breakfast. The avocado toast with a poached egg is spectacular, as well as all of their pastries that are not only easy on the eye but extremely delicious. 

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