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Interview with Nacho Dean: The Man Who Walked Around the World

Some IE students may have heard about Nacho Dean before, and heard his stories that become a testimony for the limits of human capacity....

Rice: Climate Change’s Victim & Perpetrator

As another rice shortage creeps up on the world, agricultural and political innovation is needed to mitigate the social and environmental harm rice induces. 

The Willow Project: A Ticking ‘Carbon Bomb’

The Biden Administration recently approved an oil-drilling project in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve, putting in danger polar bear populations and creating enormous greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Experts: 3 inspiring panels for a sustainable future

“We have become too comfortable with the term emergency when it comes to climate change. If it really is one, we need to begin...

The UN High Seas Treaty: Conserving Our Oceans

After nearly two decades of discussion, United Nations member states drafted an agreement to protect marine biodiversity in international waters. The UN signed the...

Slow and Steady Wins the Fashion Race

By Pia Abou Jaoude Thanks to low cost fashion retailers, keeping pace with today’s ever changing fashion trends is quite easy. New collections become available...

Earthquake Diplomacy in Syria

On Monday, February 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck regions in both Syria and Turkey. As soon as news broke out, countries from all over the world such as Pakistan, The United States, and the European Union scrambled to see how they could donate and provide assistance to the affected countries.

Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey and Syria

This Monday at 4:17 in the morning, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Gaziantep, Turkey; The devastations spread to neighboring countries including Syria, Lebanon, and...

Market Driving Power: A Greener Future Through Trade

When we think of a brand's climate-responsibility, we often imagine the customary sustainability page on corporate websites claiming ethical production pay, responsibly-sourced base materials,...

Rethinking Fast Fashion

Supply and demand is the simple yet determining factor of the global economy as we know it. Consumer demand dictates how much of a...


The AI That Will “Do No Harm”

Before a new physician can practice medicine, they take what is known as the Hippocratic Oath. Named after Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek Physician, the oath enumerates a number of ethics codes that are summarized as “first, do no harm.” Munjal Shah utilized this popular concept to name his new Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool; Hippocratic AI. 

Elly’s Light Enchanting Final Concert in Segovia

On the 19th of May was The Finale: Social Mingling, Outdoors Fun & Farewell at the Creativity Center in Segovia. Elly's Light, the music...

The IE Short Film Festival 2023

The following day, film buffs from campus and beyond came to the award ceremony to discover the ieSFF nominees. Nominations were created by an impressive jury panel, from producers and creatives in the field.