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With the Student Government Elections just around the corner, it is finally time to end IE’s campaigning period! As a student, it is now your chance to cast a vote for your favorite team through Blackboard Ultra from March 29th to March 31st. “Boost” is one of the four teams running this year for student government. 

Its members are Uma Miranda (President), Carlos Haubold, Maria Cucala Carazo, Rodrigo Gibaja, Nicolas Doyelle, Margherita Giol, Mateo Ploquin, and Massimiliano Broli. The team is composed of three girls and five boys, most of them are Spanish or at least half Spanish, with others having roots in Sri Lanka, Germany, and Italy. Almost all Boost members are studying dual degrees that include Law, International Relations, Business Administration, and Data and Business Analytics, and are involved in a variety of clubs. 

They are all social butterflies, with a variety of passions, some prefer hanging out with friends at Oculus parties, others volunteer in charity events, or partake in sports like football, cycling, and rugby. Uma Miranda, the team’s president, highlights that aside from being a diverse group, Boost is characterized by its motivation, friendliness, and proactiveness. 

One of Boost’s most promising goals to boost IE’s overall community development is to introduce sanitary products within bathrooms. Uma expressed that this won’t be an easy task but that “we’ve already started talking to different companies to see what they can provide” in terms of installations of the machines that would be utilized. Other proposals within sports and campus life include monthly packages of meal plans at a discounted price, shuttles between both campuses on weekends, Friday food trucks, and charity events like sports competitions and carnivals. 

For the team, communication is crucial for there to be a proper connection between the student government and the student body. The president believes that “it’s really important that we put out what we’re doing if we were elected, or anyone that gets elected should really be forthcoming with the information.” As part of their presidency and academic proposals, they intend to organize monthly surveys to understand each student’s needs and which areas require improvement, as well as info sessions to constantly update students on changes within IE. 

Lastly, Uma Miranda expressed that their “approach is just to be very talkative with everyone and listen to what they want to get from the university to implement into our policies.” She also shared other proposals, which include pushing for a more coherent timetable, hosting welcome-back events for all students, enhancing coordination between professors and IE schools, and finding external sponsors for sports teams. The team’s overall vision is to boost every aspect of IE University!

Remember, voting starts on March 29. Those interested can check their IE emails for notifications and instructions.

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