Red Team : SG Election Profile


Led by Filiberto Gonzalez, the Team Red running for Student Government for the 2020-2021 academic year consists of Anna Schauenburg as the Segovia Academic Officer, Alexander Neunbauer as the Segovia Community Development Officer, Sava Pavlović as the Madrid Academics Officer, Saif Khan as the Madrid Community Development Officer, and Mariana Rodrigues as the Communications Officer. Team Red’s administration will focus on not only improving the perception of the Student Government, but also serving as a shield for students, defending them whenever they have a problem. 


Team Red’s shield will protect the interests of all students before all members of the IE administration. To quote presidential candidate Filiberto “ my dream is that our Student Government will be strong enough to defend their students in a way that never occurred before.” For instance, the team suggests being a mediator between landlords and students in the Segovia campus. Community development officer Alexander suggesting the “[establishment of] a price ceiling that will satisfy the locals, which might reduce a large amount of tension and also leave students more content.” Indicating that Team Red’s shield will extend beyond the University gates. 


Candidate Filiberto maintains that his historical, and indeed familial, contact with the nuances of student governance makes him well prepared for the office. Being a Class delegate from the age of 12, and even being named Head of his school by the age of 17, Filiberto is no stranger to representing his class; Indeed, Filiberto has been named class delegate for his past 2 years in IE. Furthermore, Filiberto’s eldest brother formed a part of one of the first IE SG, teaching him about the inner workings of the organization. 


On the academic front, the team’s officers strive to give a greater voice to students when facing the administration. “Instead of fighting individually we will strive for greatness together” notes Schauenburg. To do so the team proposes the creation of a new position, the Degree Ambassador[s]; Two students who will represent the interests of their degrees before members of the administration. Furthermore, they advocate for a “fair evaluation system where every individual has the right to be heard.”


With regards to community development in Madrid, Kahn advocates for the creation of events in which “everyone from this vast community can come and participate in which differences won’t matter.” Kahn suggests the organization of sporting activities in order to raise awareness for certain causes and cultural events. Team Red also wants to help facilitate the transition from Segovia to Madrid, aiding this important transition period. 


On the Segovian front, Alexander seeks to delve into the root issues which caused the Gentrification controversy earlier this year. Through both the aforementioned price ceilings for houses, as well as community events for Segovians and IE students alike, Alexander hopes that Team Red’s policies will inspire a sense of community. 


By becoming the shield of the IE community Team Red hopes to be a proactive the Student Government. While as of yet limited proposals can be found on their Instagram page, Rodrigues notes that “during the following week our proposals and ideas will be shared with everyone”. All of these proposals seek to inspire the IE community, reminding all through their slogan, that it is ‘Time For Greatness’. You can follow the Red Team at @ie_red_team on Instagram. 



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