Recap of Day#4: Airbus, Cintra, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield and other Industrials


You would see some big names lined up on the floor of the house. Airbus, DHL, GE, Schneider and many more big brands from the manufacturing, real estate, energy and transport industry featured in Day #4 of the Talent Careers Forum of 2019. But, strangely, there were not so many significant queues that would keep you waiting at their stands. When we tried to look further, we found out that many companies were looking for peculiar roles such as Finance-only positions for the Airbus Graduate program. Whereas FM logistics and Auto1 were looking for people with the knowledge of Spanish language with positions open only for Spanish natives.

Having said this, we were equally pleased to find people who were keen on joining organisations working to produce green and renewable energy and were passionate about preventing the earth from further deterioration. Speaking to Alexander from the International MBA program, he believes that his actions should be sustainable so that we leave a liveable planet for future generations. He believes that the revenue his organisations should generate should contribute to the green economy.

The additional positive aspect about organisations from Day 4 was that almost all of the featured companies were willing to sponsor work permit for international students on a case by case basis, taking into consideration their potential. When we spoke to the representatives of “Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield”, and asked them about the skills that they would like to see in their future graduate program recruits. They stated that they would give a higher weight to soft skills vis-a-vis their technical skills. On the other side, a company called “Cintra” stated that they try to balance the weight assigned to soft as well as hard skills.

Speaking to the careers team at the exit, I could infer a sense of relief on their faces. They were quite exhausted at the end of the 4-days but were not expecting a huge volume of students on the final day. This is primarily because of the niche sector namely law firms which were coming on the final day, to sum up, the Talent Forum of Fall 2019.

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