Recap of Day #2: UN, World Bank, PwC and others


Day 2 of the talent forum kicked off with an interaction of organisations in the networking cocktail amongst themselves, as well as with the careers department. While speaking to the international development organisations like UN Secretariat representatives, they said that the best bet for undergraduates, and people with less than 2 years of work experience, to get their feet in the door is through internship opportunities. But in the case you already have 2 years of work experience, you are required to take an exam to join the UN secretariat. Additionally, you can join field organisations for which you can skip doing the exam.

Standing beside UN representatives was the team of International Organisation for Migration. They mentioned a startling, but logical fact that if you have less technical skill but good language skills like knowledge of French, then you are better poised to get selected for their organisation. This is because most of their activities are presently concentrated around the Northern African region and they need employees who can speak the language of the people in need of help.

Today was the day when Consulting companies like Deloitte, Capgemini, Pwc et al were present along with international development organisations like the UN, World bank group et al. all looking for the best talent for their respective organisations. When we asked representatives about their impression of the forum, every company unequivocally described management and organisation of the whole event to be impeccable, led by Yaomi from the careers team.

The Careers team expects the greatest footfall of the season during day 3 when Luxury, retail, fmcg and hospitality companies will be present on the Campus. The careers team also expects students to carry their wrist band with them for all the 5 days of the event and register each day at the registration desks before moving ahead to meet the companies!

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