PSA: Segovia Peer Support Group Announced


“PSA: Segovia Peer Support Group Announced”

SEGOVIA – IEU Mentoring & Counseling and Student Minds partner to create IEU Peer Support.

If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, and/or may be struggling with the pressures of university, life, or wants to learn how to boost their overall mental wellbeing, there is a new opportunity opening on campus for students to help each other through those challenges. IEU’s Mentoring & Counseling, in partnership with Student Minds, is now offering additional help to students dealing with these (and other) stressors through a new initiative – the IEU Peer Support group.

Designed as a center for safe, empathetic discussions and mental health encouragement, the IEU Peer Support group offers students an alternative to the other support systems already offered by the university, bringing solely students together to comfort and support one another through periods of hardship. All sessions are led by two student IEU Peer Support Group Facilitators who have been trained by Mentoring & Counseling according to guidelines set by Student Minds, a British charity organization centered on combating student mental health issues such as depression and eating difficulties.

PLEASE NOTE: At this point in time, this service is only offered on the Segovia Campus. Additionally, students must be 18 years old or older to attend sessions.

Peer Support Facilitators are bound by a confidentiality policy to protect the anonymity of any student who attends the group. To learn more, and for more details, including session times and locations, please attend the IEU Peer Support Group Meet & Greet Session on Tuesday, October 15th, from 6 to 7 p.m. in Room 344 (located on the 3rd floor around the corner from the Mentoring & Counseling Office), or check out The Facilitators will be present to introduce themselves and talk a bit more about what students can expect the group to offer.

You can additionally contact IEU Peer Support at for any details regarding these sessions.

For more information on Student Minds, visit their website at

To seek confidential, individualized help through the IEU Counseling Service, please contact

If you, a friend, or a classmate is undergoing or has just suffered a mental health crisis and require urgent and immediate assistance, please contact the IEU 24/7 Psychiatric Emergency Hotline at: +34 619 270 148

OR if you require immediate emergency or medical assistance, please contact Spanish Emergency Services at:

+34 112

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