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This week a wonderful new kickoff event for PPLE and Law Students took place in the Segovian restaurant Alma Nostra, and I decided to interview the two people responsible for bringing so many students together for the purpose of networking: Alba and Genesis.

Nisa: Could you please introduce yourself and your involvement with the kickoff event and tell me more about why you decided to do it?

Alba: My name is Alba, and I am the Segovia Coordinator so, I’m basically more like a heading role. I am mainly in charge of specific things like talking to the restaurant to organize how much we are going to charge and all the intricacies. We basically did the event because we couldn’t attend the club fair so we wanted to get to know the students. To establish connections with them.

Genesis: Okay, so my name is Genesis. I’m the event management director. And basically what I try to do is to listen to what other people are expecting of the club and try to fulfill their interests and gather new ideas. I also manage the event, how the conversation is going between everyone, and basically pretty much the logistics.

Nisa: How did you guys come up with the initial idea that the first event, kickoff, needed to be a networking event?

Alba: It’s usually something we’re supposed to do every year. So it’s going to be something that’s going to continue over the years. It’s mainly to get to know who the members are of our club because we want to get involved this year. Our aim is actually to become the best club. We want to go for everything. We are planning many events.

Nisa: Can you guys explain more in-depth what the club is about and what the members can expect from future events?

Alba: Yeah, so it’s basically a cloud that was created for networking. We are trying to do business launches, so we want to give the students the opportunity to connect with these kinds of opportunities. We are thinking also about throwing some seminars. We plan to write articles weekly so that members will be able to interact with us and give me their opinion on hot topics. It’s mainly about networking and taking law outside the classroom.

Nisa: Who is eligible for these seminars? If someone’s not studying Law or PPLE, are they welcome to these seminars and events or is there a priority list for those in the Law and PPLE bachelors?

Alba: I don’t think there’s going to be a priority list. We are open to everyone. Of course, it’s going to be more interesting for you if you are in the specific bachelors. For example, if we do an event related to law and economics, then you would be able to understand the dynamics better. Everyone can be interested in law. Law deals with every single aspect of our lives, it has to do with our human rights.

Genesis: Those are all plans. We also want to collaborate with the Arts Society, we realize that many people are interested both in law and arts. So I guess it’s going to be pretty open and everyone can have a say.

Nisa: Can we expect an event that can bring dual degree students together in order to get them more familiar with each other?

Alba: We haven’t thought about doing a specific event for degrees because it’s true we’re doing just a single degree and maybe we haven’t thought about that. It’s true that many students came to the kickoff event and they were dual degree students so I guess they feel kind of included. But you’re completely right. Maybe it would be a great idea to launch some events, for example, business and law related.

Genesis: Yes. And also law involves a lot of topics in general because it is related to business. So most of the things we’re going to do are going to be related to economics and business as well. In general, it’s actually called business launches. We truly are trying to combine with other different clubs like for example the woman in a business club and try to involve topics such as human rights. 

If you are interested in The Law Society & PLE Club in Segovia, they have an Instagram page, and a WhatsApp group chat, as well as the IE Connects website.

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Courtesy of the @lawsociety.ieu Instagram account

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