October 24th decision to limit the number of COVID-19 cases in Castilla Y León


On October 24th, the region of Castilla Y León released its “boletin oficial” mentioning the new measures implemented in order to limit the spread of the virus. To gain a better understanding about the situation, The Stork team translated into English the new restrictions that have been agreed on. 


First.– Partial and temporary limitation of the freedom of movement of people.

1. To control the COVID-19 transmission risk, throughout the territory of the Community of Castilla y León, each day between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  of the next day, and during the next 14 days following the effectiveness of this agreement, people may only circulate on the roads or spaces of public use to carry out the following activities, duly justified:

a) Acquisition of pharmaceutical and essential products.

b) Assistance to health centers, services and establishments.

c) Displacement to the workplace to carry out their work, professional or business service.

d) Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.

e) Due to major force or situation of need.

f) Any other activity of a similar nature to be carried out individually, except when accompanying people with disabilities or for other justified reasons.

g) Return to the place of habitual residence, after having carried out the previous activities.

2. Likewise, during the hours provided in the preceding paragraph, throughout the territory of the Community of Castilla y León, only private vehicles will be allowed to circulate on public roads to carry out the activities referred in said paragraph or for refueling at gas stations or service stations.

3. In any case, any allowed movement made during those hours must respect the orders and obligations issued by the health authorities.

4. The circulation of vehicles by highway and roads that pass on or cross through the territorial scope of the Autonomous Community will be allowed as long as they have their origin and destination outside of it.

It is also important to mention that on October 25th, the Spanish government proclaimed another state of emergency as the number of cases are rising. Students based in Segovia will not be allowed to go to Madrid or to another city outside of Castilla Y León unless they have a valid reason and vice versa.

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