Win for IE Humanities: Collaboration Secured with Bilbao Guggenheim


In a renewed effort to promote diversity and the arts, Susana Malcorra, Head of IE University’s Arts & Humanities Division and Dean of the IE School of Global & Public Affairs, alongside her team, finalized a previously unheard of deal for IE: a direct collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. 

This partnership is the first of its kind  for IE University. It shows the dedication the University has committed to expand the Humanities Department. This division, which has struggled and received criticism in the past, is now showing promising results and a development in the right direction. This collaboration not only brings the Guggenheim to both current IE students and alumni, but also expands IE’s name in the public. 

There are clear benefits for both sides: for students, our direct benefit is that we would be able to “participate in training courses, internships and virtual visits (…) In addition, students will develop consulting projects with experts from the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao as part of their capstone projects.” Additionally, directors of the museum have been invited as speakers to partake in every and all forms of an exchange of knowledge to IE, be it in person or virtual, to further expand and share knowledge among our diverse group of students. On the flip side, through our future involvement, IE students will be able to promote multicultural assessments and recommendations, which will help diversify the Guggenheim. 

All in all, the real winners are IE students. We are now able to expand our knowledge more freely and with more direct access to the source of knowledge in the upcoming seminars. We might learn a thing or two that IE wouldn’t have been able to teach us on its own. 


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