IE Library to launch weekly training sessions


Via its website, the IE library announced that they are launching online training sessions in order to familiarize students and faculty with the virtual facility. Online sessions are available throughout the whole academic year, every Tuesdays and for the rest of summer, this type of training is going to take place.

During an approximately thirty-minute meeting held via ZOOM, a staff member gives a global overview about the virtual library and how to use it efficiently. They went through many tools useful for every students, professors and staff members.

Every single IE member has access to online press such as The Economist, Financial Times just to name a few. Additionally, it is still possible to access the Bloomberg platform or Reuters on-demand just by asking for credentials to the library.

Regarding books, most hardcovers available in either the Segovia or Madrid libraries are also accessible under an e-book format that can be read online. However due to copyright reasons E-books can be downloaded at only 15 to 30% of its capacity. Students also have the option to order resources not available at the library.


During the ZOOM session, we had an overview about inter library loans and its policies. Everything is well explained for IE members.


The library also started “gamification of classes” using Classcraftand SEPPO. By using Classcraft, students are immersed into a “Role Play” where they win or lose points depending on how they are behaving in class. This method is used to motivate students in a pleasant way. SEPPO on the other hand is proposing educational games.

Another feature of the IE Library is the access to ORBIS. A platform used to compare the data of several companies and industries. ORBIS is useful for students preparing job interviews to get an insight about the field they are applying to and reinforce their profile. It can also be used for reports, class presentations and even business plans if students wish to launch their start-up.


Even if the Virtual Library is user-friendly, every students and staff members can seek assistance either via e-mail or Whatsapp( contact info on IE Virtual library’s main page).

The library is synchronized with IE’s liquid learning methodology, thus students can benefit from a full online academic experience if they cannot attend classes physically. “Everybody is working to support the IE community in order to develop the professional careers of our students and to achieve excellence in their research projects” said Víctor Peña.

Students, professors, staff members, and alumni should attend an online session in order for them to get familiar with the online facility.

It is easy to register via CampusGroups following this link (

For more informations visit the IE Library website (


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