Antoine Brimbal and The Modern Insurgent

Antoine Brimbal created The Modern Insurgent, a digital magazine about insurgencies, rebel groups, and political rebellions around the world.

The Bliss Bean On Becoming a YouTube Sensation 

You may recognize her as the Bliss Bean, or the organizational guru. Beatričé Naujalyté currently manages a Youtube channel with almost 300k subscribers and 17M views.

The UN High Seas Treaty: Conserving Our Oceans

After nearly two decades of discussion, United Nations member states drafted an agreement to protect marine biodiversity in international waters. The UN signed the...

Meet François Mari: The Self-Taught Creator Behind One of France’s Biggest Apps

François Mari is a 20 year old BBA student from France. Early on, he developed an interest for politics; his passion later motivated him...

Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey and Syria

This Monday at 4:17 in the morning, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Gaziantep, Turkey; The devastations spread to neighboring countries including Syria, Lebanon, and...

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