Seek Your Greatness Navigating the IE Athletic Center


Fitness and health at IE University are not just a topic of leisure; they are a priority. 

“Seek Your Greatness” is more than just the athletic center’s slogan; it’s a mantra for the student body at IE University. The center offers students a variety of facilities and opportunities to embark on a fitness journey while discovering a grand community of dedicated individuals striving for excellence. 

Keep reading to catch a deeper glimpse and learn everything you need to know about the IE Athletic Center, where every drop of sweat pushes you toward greatness. 

Signing Up

Let’s first take a brief look at the signing-up process. The link to sign up is slightly complicated on Blackboard, but it is quite simple once you have it down. First, click “make a reservation” and select the campus where you want to train. Afterward, you must switch from “collective” to “individual” and, finally, book your slot. That is the thing: you must book a slot. You cannot walk in and work out whenever you want.

According to some students in the gym, signing up is “very easy to use once you get the hang of it” but slightly “time-consuming at first, and not easy to figure out on your own for the first time.”

If you want a step-by-step tutorial, click here, and make your reservation here.

The Gym Itself

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Image courtesy of IE University

There are no signs on the Madrid Tower campus signaling where the gym is or how to get there; I had to ask my way. But from reception, you turn to the elevators on the left and go down to -4, exit the building, out, and go up a ramp. From that point forward, it is relatively easy to find, but still, there are no clear signs once you arrive at the athletic center.

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Image courtesy of YourFit Equipment

The gym is average-sized and contains every tool needed for an efficient workout, such as a multifunctional Smith machine, a variety of dumbbells, and mats. As the gym is small and the machines take up most of the space, there is also a separate room where you can work or stretch at the end of your training. 

The equipment is new and high-tech, offering students a high-quality training session. Some students have stated that the gym needs to be bigger, although every machine is available. However, there is only one of each, which makes it less efficient. The IE gym is described as practical for getting a workout before or after your classes, but many students possess memberships at other gyms where they go more regularly. 

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Both images courtesy of IE University

Outside the gym room is the indoor court, where IE teams—badminton, basketball, indoor football, volleyball, and more—will practice, or you can play with friends. 

Or, if you want to chill and swim a lap before, between, or after classes, try out the full-length, four-lane pool. 

The Staff

What particularly stood out was the students’ appreciation for the staff. Some available trainers often go around the gym to help students in need or answer any questions you might have. If, for whatever reason, they are not there, students can get help from reception. One student described the staff as “extremely helpful and always available for anything students need.”

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Image courtesy of Tatiana Rosa El Hoyek

In addition, the general space around the gym is very well-equipped for relaxing after your workout. 

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Image courtesy of Tatiana Rosa El Hoyek

There is a vending machine, comfortable seating areas, bean bag chairs where you can have your protein shake after your session, and locker rooms where you can safely leave your belongings.

Overall, the IE Athletic Centre offers students a wonderfully equipped facility with modern, high-tech tools to help them achieve their goals within a supportive community and environment. So remember to seek your greatness, as IE teaches us to do. 

Check out the IE Athletic Center’s services and features here, follow IE Sports & Wellbeing on Instagram here, and if you want to “start your journey towards success, fill out the prospective student-athlete form.”

The featured image is courtesy of Dribbble, Workout – Flat Illustration by Erone Studio.

Tatiana Rosa El Hoyek
Tatiana Rosa El Hoyek
I am a Lebanese third year student in Communications and Digital Media. I am an absolute gym rat who is also a fashion enthusiast.

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