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On March 13th, the Madrid Women’s Football team (or soccer, for my Americans out there) faced off the Segovia Women’s Football team. After a tight 80-minute match on the Pozuelo field, the Segovia team took the win, 1 – 0. In a zoom interview with co-captains Ghita El Hachmi, 4th year PLE student and Ainara Ruano, 3rd year BIR student, I got to gather insight about the club. 

Last year, before the pandemic had taken over, the team played in a league with other clubs throughout Madrid in Madrid Rio. Ghita explained that because they often travelled for games, being part of the club was a commitment, and because the team spent so much time together training and travelling, the club was an excellent way to meet people and the team was a tight-knit group.

However after COVID hit, like the majority of clubs, the Football Club was presented with unique challenges as those in charge tried to adapt to new restrictions. Ghita, who is from Morocco, was unable to travel back for last semester due to visa issues, leaving her to coordinate the club from home. 

As difficult as this already was, many team members were paranoid about coming to practice and risking exposure to the virus. Additionally, IE was unable to confirm if sports clubs were able to run in August, meaning the team could not sign up for the league in time. This has meant that this year, the team is mostly meeting for fun, and to keep in shape for next year! 

They meet Monday and Wednesday evenings, and hope to join the league again and play competitively in the fall. Given that the Madrid vs. Segovia match was the first this year, both co-captains noted that they were proud of their team, especially given that three members of the Madrid team were injured, leaving two unable to play the full game. 

The team is hoping to play another match some time in the near future, covid permitting. When the time comes, make sure to come out and support your peers!

If you are interested in joining, the team accepts new players every semester and encourages all ladies with a passion for football to come try out. Feel free to contact for more details!

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