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The IE Astropreneurship and Space Club! A club true to IE’s entrepreneurial spirit with its focus in the space industry. Astropreneurship is a word coined by MIT in order to describe entrepreneurs entering and growing the space industry, especially after its privatization. 

Although IE did have an Air and Space Club back in 2016, it focused on civil aviation, aerospace and space industry. The Astropreneurship and Space Club, although similar, focuses solely on the space industry, but most importantly, on business opportunities, strategies, industry trends and working opportunities in this field.


With the likes of SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, the space industry is booming, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With members from both undergrad and master students of legal and finance fields, they analyse and help other interested students understand the space industry and how these areas are going to affect it.

Founder Digvijay Singh told us his inspiration for starting this club, he stated as follows, “Since my childhood, I have been a super fan of physics, and astrophysics (space/cosmos) was my top field of interest. In order to learn, understand and work on these opportunities, a club was the most efficient way to find futurist and curious people to reach out to the industry and learn.”

“The space industry is now finally accessible to all enthusiasts and not just governments and super wealthy firms”

– Digvijah Singh, Founder of the IE Astropreneurship and Space Club

The purpose of the club is not only to show students about the industry itself, it’s also to find people of interests alike and foster relationships. Follow the astropreneurship and space club on LinkedIn and Instagram to keep up with their latest updates!

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