IE Women’s football team: Fourth and Fifth game


On Sunday, October 20th, IE Women’s football team experienced their first draw of the league after having accumulated three defeats. Fifty minutes of constant fighting, as described by the team captain Pame, resulted in a final score of 5-5. The women opened the score with a goal from Adriana, followed by a double from Alberte, a header from Reyes and finally a goal from Pary. The last goal was a midfield goal that brought joyous celebration from the team only a few minutes before the whistle blow. Sunday’s game was the concrete result of all the work the team has accomplished since the beginning of the season. This draw put an end to the slope of losses and gave the team hope and motivation to play the following game, on Sunday, October 27th. Reyes, a third-year student, and playmaker of the team said that, once the team will encounter its first draw, they would be eager to win, and will put heart and soul into reaching this objective.

The following game resulted in a final score of 3-4, and the team lost. However, the team felt like they won that game because for the first time, as they played in a symbiotic way, improving performance collectively as well as individually. The next game will take place on Sunday, November 17th, and will be the first game the team captain Pame will play since her injury.

Concerning the buses, the problem was finally fixed and in order to apologize, Campus Life hosted a dinner for the team members and coaches at La Mucca on Monday 28th of October. The team members bonded more than ever over food and shared many great moments and laughs. The results of this team bonding would be seen during the training that followed the dinner, where the girls were having a good time and felt more comfortable with each other. Finally, the training fields are still located thirty minutes away from campus, but the team is trying to make the best out of this situation by discussing and organizing future team exclusive events. 

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