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What is the IE Think Club?

The IEThink club is a student-led initiative offering the IE community a platform to share, discuss, and unearth ideas that can’t be discussed within a classroom. We are currently operating through a podcast format, but plan to expand to a seminar format in conjunction with the IE creativity center.

Who can join the club? Do you need experience?

Anyone is welcome to join the club. We range from editors to content creators to hosts, but we plan to create IEThink community next semester for opportunities for the student body to interact with the IEThink club on a variety of topics. No experience needed!

What does the club do?

We currently have two podcasts running. The Masters podcast comes out once a week, while the Undergraduate podcast comes out once every two weeks.

Do you collaborate with other clubs?

Currently, we collaborate with two IE students and their project “Unapologetic”. Our club is also open to more collaboration opportunities, like our current collaboration with the IE Diversity and Inclusion club’s board.

What is your club most proud of?

Most proud of beginning in January, and despite the obstacle of the pandemic we have hit the ground running. We are continuing to interview great speakers and introduce thought-provoking topics which is helping us expand our club.

What is the club looking forward to this year? Any plans?

Club is looking forward to “film production seminar” in conjunction with IE creativity center, developing the future IE Think community, and expanding the scope of everyone who can participate in our club.

How can people contact you, join, or participate?

If anyone is interested, they are able to contact us on our Instagram page @ie.think, through Campus Groups, or by watching our podcasts on Spotify, Apple, or Google podcasts.

Why does IE need a club like this one?

It’s a community initiative, which is helping create a bridge between the two campuses. We have teams in both campuses and a Masters community, helping develop new ideas for student body and foster community spirit, the likes of which are important for our educational experience.

How does your club embody IE’s Values such as Entrepreneurship, Tech and Innovation, Humanities, Diversity?

IEThink embraces and embodies IE’s values through its variety of topics. We look at international and intercultural understanding, celebrate cultures and differences, and don’t limit our discussions to certain fields. We have discussed on a variety of topics from diversity/inclusion to mental health, and our broad topic choice helps embody IE’s diverse community. The Master program has looked at “unfolding the institution”, by having professors and students talk about their career, motivations, and goals to help learn more about each other and build a sense of community.

Learn more about the IE Think Club on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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