IE Nights Opening: The Disney Method


SEGOVIA – On Thursday afternoon Casa de la Moneda was host to its first edition of IE Nights, a series of seminar like events which seek to provide an enriching experience to attendees held throughout the year. In “The Disney Method”, IE professor Carlos Pallero gave participants insights into the creativity driven methodology employed by one of the world’s greatest companies. 


Broken down into two sections, the beginning of the event challenged participants to “think outside the box” whilst solving a series of puzzles. Designed to be as open ended as possible, these ‘creativity tests’ showed participants that there are a myriad of different ways to approach the same problem. In one test Pallero challenged attendees to complete a series of drawings each with a different set of requirements; having completed the exercise participants were curiously left with six pictures of the same thing, a tree. 


Pallero explained that in asking us to draw the same thing multiple times he forced us to think differently for each attempt:


“Often times the first time we attempt something we normally start with what we are comfortable with… it’s only till we have to do it again that we start being creative”


And indeed throughout the seminar participants began with something akin to a Christmas tree, and as the drawings progressed the more innovation there was. These exercises sought to ignite intrigue into a creative process as a preface to the Disney Method. 


As Pallero explained, the Disney Method has its inception in Walt Disney himself. His colleagues often described him as a rather unpredictable man: “you never knew which walt you were going to get” they recalled. From this pseudo split personality however imagineering, the process of taking one’s wildest dreams and them into a reality emerged. 


Dreamers were in charge of being as creative as possible, coming up with some truly bizarre ideas. Realists sought to bring these ideas to an attainable level such that they could actually be put into action. And finally Spoilers were in charge of criticising the ideas in every way imaginable to round out the edges of something attainable. Through an exercise in the event participants were urged to adopt these strategies to make IE a more sustainable university, resulting in some truly creative outcomes. 


Having trained their creativity in a variety of ways participants were subsequently treated to a series of short films. 


The next IE Night at Casa de la Moneda will take place in the coming month bringing a new learning experience for the community to look forward to.

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