I hate this situation too but here are some tips.


The Covid-19 pandemic has made 2020 a really crazy year from the start, and with that, all of the IE community has had to switch to online classes. My masters were already part-time, so that is not new to me. Therefore, I will share some of my usual lists with recommendations for you to follow in this pandemic time and get the best out of attending classes online.


Follow these tips and you might become smarter:

1 – Do not study/work/attend class or whatever other activity related to IE on your bed (unless watching The Stork Instagram stories). With this I mean do not stay in bed with your computer, and avoid doing everything in the same room.

2 – This is a crazy one, not even sure why I am typing it right now, but take off your pajamas, please.

3 – Still do not know why am I typing but take a shower E V E R Y  D A Y.

4 – Set a schedule for your activities. This will help you a lot on organizing yourself. Set up a start and end time so you do not overwork/study.

5 – Your smartwatch will remind you of these, but stand up to get a glass of water, walk your dog for 5 min, go up and downstairs or just to grab a coffee. MOVE.

6 – As enjoyable as it is, do not eat while working, just don’t.

7 – When the weekend comes, try to avoid at all costs space where you do your homework or study, this will help in some way.

8 – If you do not have roomies or coexist with anybody try at least to call your friends and have a conversation about anything, this will help you beat loneliness and not go crazy.

9 – Try to understand that online classes are not easier but rather essential due to the situation we are dealing with.

10 –  Identify what your learning objectives and goals are, so when we go back to normal you feel like you were never home for more than two weeks on quarantine.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Stay safe!

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