Halloween Weekend: The Most Anticipated Parties of the Year


As the spooky season gets closer, many of us start to prepare for the Halloween themed parties, the costumes, the makeup, and all the fun that comes with it. One of the most exciting things about Halloween is the parties, an interesting change from the traditional clubbing happening all year. Many clubs in Madrid prepare for the Halloween weekend, offering themed celebrations centered around the holiday. 

When IE students were asked about their favorite clubs in Madrid, they mentioned Blackhaus, Kapital, Teatro Barceló, and Goya. Kapital is one of the favorites among the students. The place has a lot of space to dance, since the club has 7 floors, giving the dancers enough space to move around without it getting too crowded. In addition, offering a diversity of music styles keeps the night interesting. 

Students at IE also enjoy events like Brunch In the Park and After Brunch, which happen around Madrid on Sunday afternoons. Brunch In the Park, an electronic music festival that takes place in large, open spaces, is known for being different to the typical nightlife parties. The events include some favorite DJs, and the electronic music gives the event a good vibe. After Brunch often changes the location and is well known for having an international environment for people to have a good time and enjoy a different concept of partying. 

In preparation for Halloween, people are looking forward to the parties they usually enjoy, with good music, drinks, and friends. However, they also enjoy Halloween parties with different, more innovative concepts, and that are not as typical as most nights out. For most people, the best Halloween parties are those that fit the mood of the season, having a festive Halloween theme, people wearing costumes, and the idea behind the party is getting together for this occasion. 

Many of IE students’ favorite clubs are preparing events for Halloween weekend. Teatro Kapital, for instance, hosts a Halloween party described as “spooky,” featuring special DJs for the night, and encouraging the party people to wear costumes. 

Another big Halloween event being planned is in association with Cocorico, taking place in Circulo de Bellas Artes. They expect to have great music, scary Halloween decorations, and many surprises for the night. The party is being planned to stick perfectly with the Halloween theme, creating the night exclusively devoted to the celebration of the holiday, making costumes mandatory and inspiring everyone to come up with their most terrifying looks. 

After Brunch will be having a special Dia de los Muertos event, or day of the dead, to celebrate the season. The party will take place in Las Ventas, and is also expected to stick to the theme of spooky parties. 

The Halloween weekend brings with it some of the most exciting parties of the year. People dress up as animals, celebrities, scary creatures and much more, many of them having their costume planned for weeks. The more into their costumes people get, the more thrilling the Halloween events are. Themed parties bring out the excitement even in people who don’t tend to go out partying, motivating everyone to gather and come up with the scariest, funniest, or most iconic costume they can think of. 

The success of Halloween parties lays in people’s feelings of sticking to festive themes and spirits. We all know that people’s moods are what make a party good or bad, and Halloween parties are no exception. Costumes, decorations, and party themes all contribute to making Halloween parties the most anticipated of the year. 

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