On November 20th, the IEU Arts Society along with Campus Life held an event to promote unity in diversity of Arts. The venue took place in IE’s creativity center and multiple students and IE staff members attended.

Straight after Juan Carlos Redondo’s opening remarks (director of the Creativity Center), five dancers surprised the attendees by entering the room and performing an Indonesian tribal dance. The group performed a couple of weeks back at the Indonesian Embassy in Madrid to celebrate the 75 years of the Indonesian Army. Following this, Santiago Iñiguez delivered a speech emphasising the role of arts in life and how it is important for an individual to get closer to it. “By observing the arts the same way as architects and artists do, you may deliver your skills of observation which is so important for decision making. If you are for example working in finance or in management and you deliver this very distinctive skills, well I’m sure you will be able to solve those problems in a much more sound way because you will pay attention to the details”. 

The guests were then invited to listen to both Segovia and Madrid music clubs to perform. From Michael Jackson to Bob Marley, the performers relived the greatest singers from their era leaving the attendees speechless. Francia Morales (Editor in Chief at The Stork) made us travel to Mexico by singing Tú Sí Sabes by Natalia Lafourcade.

Segovia and Madrid’s dance clubs also had the chance to perform showing how talented their members are.

Time for a small break, the dinner has been served in catering bags making sure to respect the safety norms and one last guest under red lights made us reach our final destination, Santander his home town.

Pablo Solo sung his album “Alondras” and concluded a successful event. Despite the current pandemic leaving Castilla Y León in a complicated situation affecting many people and industries, the IE Creativity Center managed to successfully manage this venue with all the necessary safety measures implemented by the Spanish government.

For students interested in music, arts, yoga, photography, dance or podcasting, the Creativity Center located in Casa de La Moneda hosts those clubs.

The Creativity Center is organising many more events before winter break. Find below the next dates:

On Thursday 26/11- Seminar on film-making by Pedro Collantes

On Saturday 28/11 Workshop on flamenco with Laura Segovia (professional dancer)

On Monday 30/11- First Episode of IE Nights (master class workshop delivered by Andrea Caruso on business and entrepreneurship: how to connect architecture, entrepreneurship, music and design) 

On December 12th- Exposition on  “sustainability in times of pandemic”.


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