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By Blanca Muguerza

Video Competition 

We just lost the final of a video competition against IE Rugby Club in the IEU Athletic‘s Instagram. People had to vote for the best video on an Instagram story poll and we lost by 1 vote. But you should have seen our Whatsapp group … during the 24 hours that the Instagram story was up it was on fire. We were all cheering each other up, urging everyone to keep getting votes, laughing at each other’s techniques to get more votes. And that’s a team. Being quarantined but feeling the energy of your teammates, who have become friends. That’s our team.

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I guess I could tell you all the health benefits you get from training two days per week hard as a cheerleader, how much fun it is learning a choreography and then getting to show it off in front of so many people. Or even how cool our plans outside class are, these include beers. But it is stories like this one that makes our team special, and better than any other. We are a group of not only students but also Alumni, of different ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. And despite this, we learn and help each other with the same dance numbers. Challenging, but becoming one and the same.



Lifelong skills 

Needless to say that the lessons that you can draw out from being part of the IE Cheerleading Club are undoubtedly an asset that everyone can use in their professional lives. Apart from strong teamwork, being part of this team also involves self-exposure, and being able to perform and do something you enjoy in front of an audience is priceless. Oh! And do not worry if you are shy… once you come to the first training, you will feel so at home, that you will be counting the days until the next match! So, what are you waiting for? Join the team, JOIN US!

Training schedule🤸‍♀️: Monday and Wednesday’s 20h15-21h45 Centro Deportivo El Pilar.



Here is our SPOTIFY PLAYLIST so you can workout and vibe to it at home: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0xDdOY8HRkPW29YIRqDfuS?si=cPET3oXxT_CeHIrIYDgVcw 




P.S: IEU Athletics is there no second prize? 

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