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By Marc Andrianoff from IEU Rugby Madrid. 

Rugby is the story of a ball with friends around, and when there is no ball left, the friends are still there,” – Jean-Pierre Rives.

Why join?

A family tradition, an accident, and a simple hobby. Those are the different reasons that each and every one of us got into this sport, and we are bound by it. We made friends and acquaintances during the training. 

First, we get to know each other; you get to see the qualities of those men that you will need to trust. Some rivalries will develop for people fighting for a spot on the team and that is good. That’s because once the 15 of you step on that pitch there are no more quarrels between you, there is no more friendship, there is only a team, united against the same front and facing the same enemy. 

Few will understand the feeling of excitement that you get seconds before the kickoff, when you look at your teammates and you know … for the next 80 minutes you will be fighting alongside your brothers.

The game

As part of the “Federacion de rugby de Madrid, regional 2,” we train twice per week and have games almost every weekend. Before this pandemic happened, we were on a 4-game winning streak, with a sense of dedication and responsibility which was felt by the whole team. With 3 games left we were aiming to finish the season undefeated.

Rugby is a violent sport, people do get injured and end up in the hospital. The beauty of it is that you know if you get injured, a brother is going to step on the pitch to take your place. That is why the bond we form is unlike any other – we develop a brotherhood. While we get hurt, we also create memories with each of those injuries.



During quarantine it can get a little crazy for everyone, and as handsome rugby players we put our charisma to the test. Some of us decided to shave our heads. In the face of adversity and corona, why not? Separated we remain united.

hairy rugby

Video Competition

Of course, it is not because of corona that we cannot play anymore. We participated in a video competition that allowed us to bring our 4 win streak to 5, thanks to the cheerleading squad in the final and the 10 votes (not 1 😉) that let us win first. Our heads held high, our asses well in place – no beautician needed.

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With everyone keeping in touch during those tough times, it is what makes this team great. If you had the chance to be with us after one of our games, especially after a win, you know that we cannot wait to go grab a few rounds with the team and party as a unit.




As we are always looking for new players, COME JOIN US to be a part of the experience.

Trainings: every Wednesday and Friday, 20h-22h at Alcobendas. 

Bussing, provided by IE, will be leaving from Calle Pedro de Valdivia 21 (just behind IE Undergrads building) at 19h30


Should you need more information, contact us through Instagram by sending a message to @ieurugbyclub

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