A Beginner’s Guide to Tea


We all know the dilemma around coffee and tea and which one is better. Well, I am here to convince you on why tea is better by giving you the complete breakdown on it! 

Tea for me is literally the most amazing drink ever: it gives you caffeine, you can drink it hot or cold, and it provides endless health benefits. I would say that I have completely dropped coffee in favour of drinking tea simply due to the effect that it has on my body and my mental health; I have found myself way more focused for a longer period of time while drinking tea compared to coffee.

According to Chinese legends, tea was discovered by Emperor Shen Nong, when a leaf blew into boiling water in his garden. Emperor Shen Nong discovered the health benefits of tea and the rest was history. Today there over 20,000 different brews of tea, therefore entering the world of tea can be overwhelming. 

Health benefits of tea

Tea is probably best known for its’ numerous health benefits – especially how calming it is on the human body. These health benefits include:

  • Boosting the immune system 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps with digestion and stomach issues
  • Treats insomnia 
  • Fights diabetes 

Types of tea 

As previously mentioned, there are countless amounts of tea brews, but here I will be breaking down my top 5 favourites and their associated benefits. 

Peppermint tea

I would definitely rank peppermint tea as my number one. Amazing both in taste and the health benefits it provides. For me, peppermint tea settles my stomach and helps to reduce bloating after a large meal. Also, I find that peppermint tea almost instantly helps to reduce my tension headaches. 

White tea

I love to drink white tea while I’m studying due to its high levels of caffeine. Unlike coffee, tea takes longer to set in, but the effects of tea last much longer. 

Camomile tea

This is the go-to-sleep drink. It is known that camomile is an amazing choice for curing insomnia because it calms the drinker. What makes camomile unique is that unlike other teas, it contains no caffeine.

Hibiscus tea (also known as red tea)

Personally, I drink hibiscus tea purely for its taste, and I find that hibiscus tea is the best for iced tea. Hibiscus tea is packed with antioxidants, which helps to prevent diseases and repairs damaged cells. Also, several studies have shown that drinking hibiscus tea regularly helps to reduce your body fat levels. Therefore, not only is it a refreshing drink for the summer, but it is also amazing for your overall health. 

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is probably the best tea for the health compared to the other ones that I have listed. Ginger tea is excellent when you have a cold or the flu because it helps to fight off the virus, soothes sore throats and calms your overall body. I try to drink a cup of ginger tea daily with a slice of lemon for added flavour. 

Indeed, tea may not be for everyone, but I believe that there is a blend out there for everyone and you’ll never know unless you try. This is highlighted in the following quote: “life is like a cup of tea. The taste is all up to how you make it.”

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