Winter in Madrid: The Final Stretch


As crazy as this year has been and how quickly time was passing during quarantine, we have finally arrived at the end of the first semester, and thus one step closer to finals. 

A lot of people find the finals season very stressful due to the amount of work and content that they have to go over, the deadline of some projects, and the pressure of excelling at everything in general. 

However, finals can be perceived in a much optimistic way, only if someone chooses to change their mindset and their working habit. It only takes putting your mind to doing something and productively organizing what you have to do. 

When I mention changing your mindset, I mean to always tend towards seeing the positive aspect of things. Winter break is on the door, and Christmas, as well as New Year, are closer than ever. Most of us consider this the best time of the year. We cannot deny that the events that took place in 2020 were necessary to shed light on how unprepared the world has been when facing the unpredictable. Yet, I think everyone is looking forward to starting over and entering 2021 with a mindset and ready to leave all the bad memories behind. This being mentioned, an individual can positively think of finals as it is a necessary process to go through, to reach Christmas break and enjoy it stress-free, where the person will have time for himself/herself to clear their mind, do what they enjoy best and spend time with their loved ones without worrying about school work.

After shifting your mindset, taking action comes after. I truly believe that organizing your time according to your tasks is the ideal way to minimize stress and reduce procrastination. We all tend to waste time and delay what we have to do, especially when we don’t want to do it. 

However, when you organize what you plan to finish during your day, you will never miss deadlines, and you will enhance your quality of work. This is because you are utilizing your time in the right way, and being focused on the important task that needs to be finalized at your highest attention span. Nevertheless, one important tip during finals is to take a break when needed. Even if for 30 minutes, a break can prevent fatigue from studying. If a person studies consecutively just in aims of finishing the work rather than understanding the underlying concepts, he/she will end up burnt out. It is also important to move around once in a while and do some different tasks to refresh your mind. Some people resort to meditation that allows them to recharge. 

All these tips being mentioned and followed, someone can utilize the time and effort they tend to exert during this period of time.

We should not forget that no matter how much anxiety this period provokes, it only lasts as long as you allow it, and as you give it the power to get to you. Christmas is the time where everything will start over again, and no one wants to enter it stressed or thinking that they should have given more effort during finals.

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