Winter in Madrid: Festive Things to Do This Season


Christmas is around the corner, therefore, its time to get into the spirit of the festive season; regardless of the fact that COVID is still around. Madrid is full of fun festive things to do to get ready to the lead up to the holiday season. 

  1. Christmas Markets

Madrid becomes absolutely filled with Christmas markets during the holiday season. Starting around late November, Plaza Mayor, Plaza Santa Ana and others lit up with Christmas trees and many Christmas stalls. I have found that most of these stalls are selling crafts and nativity sets and looked absolutely incredible. 

  1. Ice Skating

This is my personal favourite for the holiday season. Ice skating is available year-round in the Palacio de Hielo Mall, however, during the festive season, there is outdoor ice skating available. They open up in the morning and close around midnight. The fee is €5 per person to rent skates but remember to bring your own gloves otherwise you’ll have to buy new ones at an additional cost.  

Locations are the following:

  • Galería de Cristal inside CentroCentro – the City Council located in Plaza de Cibeles.
  • Pista de hielo Javier Fernández on Plaza de Azca.
  • Pista de hielo Villa de Vallecas on Paseo Federico García Lorca (Villa de Vallecas Metro station).
  • Pista de hielo Puente de Vallecas on Entrevías-Asamblea de Madrid Renfe station.
  • Palacio de Hielo Dreams on Calle Silvano, 77 (Canillas Metro station).
  1. Christmas treats 

You might be heading back home for holidays but why not take a bit of the typical Spanish Christmas sweets back home to give as presents for your family and yourself. El Corte Ingles has a pastry section that does amazing Christmas themed gift sets filled with marzipan, turron and Roscón de Reyes.

  1. Churros 

We do not need a special occasion to justify eating churros however, the Christmas season is the perfect time to indulge. The weather is cold, but not too cold that you can’t sit on a terrace and enjoy the most delicious churros Madrid has to offer. Personally, I love San Gines but if the line is too long. But you can go to Valor Café, which has just as amazing churros and more chocolate sauce options. 

  1. La Cabalgata de Los Reyes Magos

This is the last part of the festive season in Madrid, the arrival of the Reyes Magos aka the three wise Kings. Unlike in other cultures, the Spanish believe that the three wise kings are the ones responsible for bringing the gifts, not Santa Claus therefore, the 5th of January is considered more important than Christmas day. There is a huge procession in celebration on the 5th of January down La Castellana. However, due to the COVID situation, it is not yet known if this procession will take place. 

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