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There should never be just one time of year to give thanks, but this act is celebrated and has been established as a national holiday in 17 countries across the globe. Its festivities are particularly disseminated in North America: Canada celebrated theirs early last month, on October 11th, and the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of this week on Thursday, November 25th.

What is Friendsgiving?

With so many of us away from home and away from our families, we must not forget to thank them for the chance of studying abroad, but we should also show some gratitude to the peers and friends that surround us. 

Ways to show gratitude

We each show gratitude in our own ways. Make people feel especially appreciated this Thursday or week by sending them a short text/message saying why or how you appreciate them! Try to include a small detail or reason as to why you’re thankful for them; you can even go as far as buying them little trinkets, for which the shop Flying Tiger is great: affordable and cute. 

Receiving a handwritten letter or card is even more heart-warming than receiving a text. But if you do want to make it easier on yourself, use the Paperless Post to send a digital thank you card straight to your friends’ emails; a sweet surprise for when they next read their inbox.


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You may be considering whipping up a full Thanksgiving feast from your dorm or apartment to share with your friends, but that is laborious and time consuming, especially in a time when most of us are preparing for final projects and presentations. Don’t feel confined to the traditional Thanksgiving foods, you can indulge in whatever you would like! 

A must is one or many good desserts; Fall is all about the home-baked goods. Plus, your whole apartment will be wafting warm spices and sweetness!  

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Make it a pot-luck

Food shopping can get pretty expensive. If you’re hosting, consider making your sit-down dinner a pot-luck. Tell guests to bring whatever they want, or assign them each dessert, side dish, beverages, etc.

Have fun!

Typically, in the United States, Thanksgiving dinner is followed by watching American football, but you should enjoy your friendsgiving event doing something you all enjoy. Play cards, games, or have a movie night/marathon.  

Check out some of these other great hacks to make your friendsgiving dinner even easier on yourself if you’re hosting. 

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