Driving innovation.  A slogan we have all become familiar with during our time at IE University and often disregard.  However, there are times where our school motto manifests into a student-led project or start-up that cannot be ignored.  ‘Share the Story’ is undoubtedly one of these instances.  Following the recent launch of their website, this article will provide a description and review of this up and coming project, and how you can get involved.

In a nutshell, “Share the Story is the first social media platform that interconnects students, educators and great young minds around the world.”  There are numerous opportunities to network and connect through educational contests, workshops, podcasts and interviews. As well as the possibility to join or create collaborative research projects, debates, and publish one’s thoughts, academic papers and articles. These ideas and goals are certainly encapsulated in the company’s vision statement, realising “a society where authentic dialogue and connectivity will spur innovation at the hands of students, educators, and those who fearlessly wish to drive change in this world.”  

It is safe to say that one of the biggest downfalls of social media today is the constant fear of judgement that seems to characterise our interactions with one another.  For me, this statement immediately alludes to a sense of inclusivity and expression that could change and shape the dynamics of digital interaction for the better.  Quite frankly, the prospect of an authentic social media platform is compelling to say the least.So now that you have the basics, it’s time to meet the team.  Share the Story was founded by three students at IE University, who conceived the idea during IE’s venture lab.  They hoped to tackle the lack of productive dialogue and interactions in today’s rather superficial digital realm.  These students are: Gabriele Morace, Vittoria Morace, and David Schultheis.  At present, the team has indicated that the project development is in Stage One.  Meaning that they are currently looking to expand their team, forge partnerships, and gain both insightful and constructive criticism from the IE Community.  Having said that, the second phase offers ambitious goals of entering the European and North American Marketplace, as well as the development of a mobile application.      

At this point, you might be wondering how to get involved/keep up to date with this exciting new project. The launch of their new website provides in depth descriptions and materials, including a short video that further explains Share the Story, and what the platform will look like.  What’s more, the page includes a subscription box that allows you to join via email.  So if you are interested in receiving updates and insights about up and coming projects and initiatives, it is easy to get involved by subscribing to the waitlist.

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Access the webpage through the following link: http://www.sharethestory.io/index.html

It is needless to say that our peers and colleagues would appreciate the community’s support in their new venture.  Moreover, the interactivity of this project gives us all a chance to be involved in a potentially far-reaching and exciting future platform.  Does Share the Story truly have the potential to enhance the way we engage both educationally and professionally?  More importantly, without the stigmatic shortcomings that surround our current social media interactions.  Only time will tell… 



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