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On Marrch 31st, the IE Theater Club Segovia Division will perform their first play of 2022, with the English play “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie. The directors are two second-year law students, and this will be their first production: Nefeli Chatzilia and Leyan Almaquosi.

The plot can be described in three words: mystery, crime, and justice.

The storyline revolves around a group of 8 people that is lured to a small, isolated, and private island in India upon receiving an unexpected personal invitation. They are greeted by service personnel and are told that their hosts haven’t yet arrived, but they have left instructions.

After supper, a phonograph record is played where each guest is accused of having committed murder; all guests are accused of having sinned. After some moments of uncertainty, the guests realize that they don’t know their hosts and try to pick up clues as to why they were there. 

The next morning one of the guests is found dead on their bed: the trigger of the chaos that is about to unfold. Without being able to leave, and after the initial panic, the rest of the people start investigating to find out who the murderer is. And well, the title of the play should be enough to guess how it unfolds… 

The main idea is that whoever sins will have to pay. It’s a play that will confuse your emotions, the people that are now the victims and are being murdered without mercy have sinned before. All of them cope in different ways; some make alliances, some panic, some continue sinning… A cruel form of justice is served with the murders; a vendetta. 

The directors are looking for a curious audience who wants to be kept on their toes. This play will, for sure, shock anyone who attends. 

The performance will take place on March 31st in the Aula Magna in the Segovia Campus. Make sure to stay tuned to the Theatre Club’s Instagram for the registration link: @ieutheatre

If you are interested in mystery and crime, you can’t miss this play!

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