By Teresa Olombrado and Arturo Cuesta
Presidents of the Photograph and Film Club (Segovia) 

The IE Photo and Film Club is part of the multitude of clubs within IE University, offering a platform for students to harness their true potential in photography and film-making. As a relatively new club, it provides training and expert guidance to students, along with an environment that is conducive to their growth. The Club functions cohesively yet separately, with the Photo and Film sections often hosting different activities.

Find out more about the Photo and Film Club below.

“This is your place to be creative! Through photography, you will learn to watch, something very necessary in a world that sometimes goes too fast to pay attention to details…” -Teresa Olombrada

What is the process for joining the Photo & Film Club?

Students are just required to register on Campus Groups. We send all the news through there, although we recommend staying informed through our Instagram ( or by joining our WhatsApp group. The link is available in our description on Instagram.

Do students who want to join the club need to have some prior experience or do they get trained?

Everyone can join! You are not required to have a camera (for photo) or to be a cinephile (for the film), it is open to everyone. Members get trained in photography through a series of workshops. We will be holding sessions on different types of photography and, in parallel, a specific course on photo edition.

What is the Film and Photo Club all about?

Our activity is based around three axes.

For photography:

  • Coverage of IE club and sports events: We provide photographers to clubs who want their events to be covered, as we did with the environmental activity at Sierra de Guadarrama organized by the IE Centre for Happiness.
  • Workshops: As mentioned above we provide training to members and workshops are held twice a month, starting in November.
  • Monthly contests: Every month, we launch a contest under a different topic. October’s is “Social Awareness”, in collaboration with the Student Government. The rules are available on our website / Campus Groups / Instagram.

For film:

  • We watch movies and analyse them. Some are classics, some not but they are generally well researched good movies you cannot always access on your mainstream platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime 
  • We host events with experts on Instagram and physically where we bring different people to voice their views of the movies from their respective fields. 
  • We meet every week on Friday, stay tuned to our Instagram account!! You can also always drop me an email on

What is the club most proud of, something that is unique about the club?

Teresa: I am proud that being a new club, we have a consolidated basis for our activities. Also, I am glad that our first photo coverage at La Sierra went very well. Hopefully, we’ll achieve a core of members that will ensure the continuity of the club during the years. 

Arturo: I am quite happy about the movies we are watching and the good discussions that are arising, it just something I couldn’t get by just watching the movies on my own.

What are the events the club has organized or is planning to organize?

Photo: So far, we have organized the October Photo Contest and the photo coverage for the IE Centre for Happiness activity at Sierra de Guadarrama. We are planning on organizing photo workshops in the next few days.

Film: Given the fact that we recently started, we have held our weekly meetings and October 23 was our first discussion with an Anthropology expert on her view of society and the movie “Some like it Hot”.

What, according to you, best sums up the significance of Photography and Film in the IE society?

Teresa: I think Photography teaches you how to look at things. I travel differently when I have my camera because I am constantly looking for perspectives and details. If I don’t have it, I don’t have that incentive to analyse what surrounds me.

Arturo: Movies are the combination of all forms of art, painting framing and lighting, music composition, and the best of screenwriting. All of those together make something larger than what they are on their own. Movies are one form of expression that can do all that, whilst at the same time reflect upon society. 

“To an aspiring member of the club, I’d just want to say, come and try, you won’t regret it.” – Arturo Cuesta

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