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Is It Time to Abandon Green Growth?

Discussions on sustainability still revolve around green growth, making it easy to assume that it is possible and desirable. However, this assumption is increasingly being challenged by the degrowth movement and even some economists. Is green growth a useful paradigm for the 21st century, or is it time to update our ideas about sustainable development?

Russia: 1.5 years since the start of the war in Ukraine

The last time I went to Russia before the invasion was in January 2022, a month before it started. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see my home country before it became an aggressor state that started a war in the middle of Europe in the 21st century.

TEDxIE Madrid 2023: Connecting the Dots

Eight times, TEDxIE Madrid has proven to be a success, and the ninth edition in 2023 was no exception. This conference serves as a remarkable example of how student-organized events can effectively engage various segments of the IE community and make a significant impact.

IE’s Statement on AI Is A Good First Step, But More Work Is Needed

“We sit on the cusp of a revolution on the scale of the development of the steam engine or the launch of the internet”,...

Free Period Products in the Tower!

free period products are now available in the women’s bathrooms on each of the hub floors of the tower! If you ever find yourself in need of a pad or a tampon, you can head to floors 4,10,16, or 22 to find what you're looking for.

How Can We Reconcile Different Moral Values?

If we want to be able to take lasting action on moral and political issues, we need consensus. Adversarial attempts to decide which values are correct are not likely to get us there.

ChatGPT: ¿amigo o enemigo?

Todos sabemos lo que es ChatGPT. ¿Pero entendemos realmente su enorme potencial? ¿Sus ventajas y sus riesgos?

Language: the Nation’s Code

Language is more than simply a means of communication; it is also an important part of a country's identity and cultural legacy. Ukraine has encountered major hurdles in its battle to retain its language and protect its statehood, but its people have remained united in their commitment to defend their language and the freedom of their country.

IE’s Ghost Town: Why Students Abandon Events

So it is not for lack of trying or that events are not student-centered - they are. It’s that students just don't see the value in attending. But why is that?

Heads or Tails: The Two-Sided Perspective of Soft Power

While Soft Power is a necessary and pivotal form of Power, especially in contemporary international relations, the lack of versatility, dominance, and results limits Soft Power to be an reliant chess tactic in the international political playing field.


IE Ukraine Club: Strengthening the IE Community

The IE Ukraine Club is a thriving community within IE University, driven by a shared passion for Ukrainian culture, history, and technology. Our mission is to create an inclusive space where both Ukrainian and international students can come together to explore, appreciate, and celebrate Ukraine through various engaging activities and events.

Should America sell its air to keep the world speaking English?

Will Mandarin soon take English’s place? Will we soon live in a Mandarin speaking world symbolic of China’s succesful economic triumph over the US? This is a reality that America avidly fights to prevent, but should we?

Should art be socially responsible?

Adding messages that most people find reprehensible may make viewing, reading or listening to a piece of art less entertaining. This could also reduce the money its creators make from it. Whatever the case, this view suggests that art should be socially responsible only insofar as this helps the artist achieve the aims for which the piece was created.