Students Collaborate with Director Pedro Collantes to Execute Their Own Short Film Over the Course of the Academic Year


IE University’s own Film & Cinema Club joined Spanish film editor and director Pedro Collantes this Tuesday 19th October, for this academic year’s first session of the filmmaking seminar. It took place at the IE Creativity Center, which is part of the Museo Real Casa de Moneda de Segovia, and went on from 6 to 7:30 PM. 

Carlos Redondo, manager of the Creativity Center, says this filmmaking seminar has been in the works for a few years, and that this is the third year it is reintroduced. He also states why he chose and admires Collantes: “He is super humble and down to earth, and he communicates very well. He has the IE DNA, so to speak, as he has lived in four to five countries in different continents.” Also, when talking about the seminar he said “the aim is to learn all the transversal possibilities of film”.

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The forum started with a brief introduction round for participants and Collantes to acquaint themselves with each other. Conversations were sparked on the passion for film these participants have; they gave each other tips and shared their film experiences. Collantes engaged with the participants by asking them questions, emphasizing that there are “so many decisions to make from the get-go to the end.” Valentina Cordova, the officer of the Film & Cinema Club at IE expresses: “we have lots of resources so I’m sure we can create something great.”

After this first session, I sat down with Collantes and asked him a few questions.


Q: If people would like to join the next session, can they?

A: Sure they can! In that case, it would be best if they contacted Valentina (, so that she can quickly brief them on what we’ve discussed on the first session, that way when they join us next week they have already answered these questions that everyone is going to have to discuss. You guys are still on time to join!

Q: What is what most excites you about this seminar/project?

A: To see the end result, because at this point it is such a mystery what the film participants will end up making. I will try my best to get them to make the best possible outcome. The most exciting thing, without a doubt, is to see the film next summer.

Q: How will you agree on the theme of the film?

A: It will be team and group effort, one of the many aspects of filmmaking and probably the most important. It is also a big part of the learning process of this seminar. All together as a team, participants will have discussions about what films they can think about, and will need to see what the majority of the group is interested in.

Q: How many sessions (estimated) will you hold?A: I think it’s about 12 – 14 sessions throughout the academic year; however, this still needs to be confirmed. The next two or three sessions over the next two months will be virtual, and maybe one in spring too. Most sessions will be in person, at the Creativity Center.

Q: Do you often work with private universities or clubs such as the IEU Film & Cinema club to create films?

A: To create films? No. Teach classes? Yes. I have taught at the Instituto del Cine de Madrid, a private film school, Lens, a special school that has a master’s degree specializing in film editing, and IE University.

Q: Do you often work in large groups/collaborate or work more independently?

A: My own process as a director has been mostly independent so far, but I do work with crews of maybe around 50 people at most. As an editor I work on big projects, like in series for Netflix or Movistar.

Q: Do you plan on showing the film to the public?

A: I hope so! The ideal would be that the participants made a short film that is good enough to compete at the international film festival level, but the main aim is that they make an overall solid short film.

Remember, you still have time to join in on filmmaking and the opportunity to meet and work with a renowned film editor like Pedro Collantes. Many more participants are expected for the next sessions due to midterms, so join them! The following session is to be held again at the Creativity Center.

Contact the organizers through this link:

Sofia Renard Kerkoc
Sofia Renard Kerkoc
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